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(Items 1-40 of 125)

Eye wear for men

Now finding the best eye wear and men’s wallet onlineis simple and fun with William Penn. You can explore our wide variety of eye wear options and buy eye wear online from the leading brands. Best quality eye wear are available in different designs, styles, colours and models. You just need to choose your preferred item and order it from the comfort of your home.

Tips on buying the right eyewear

  • Proportion: The frame of the eyewear should be in proportion with your face. However, when you are shopping for sunglasses, it is better to choose larger size for a greater coverage. The proportion that looks good as a sunglass will not necessarily look good in optical.
  • Contrast: The shape of the eye frame should be in contrast with the shape of your face. If you have round features, you should go for angular eyewear. But, if you have angular features, you can soften them with more curved shapes.
  • Colour: Select the colours which will compliment your features. Black colour can highlight your eyes. The eye wears that are in contrast with the tone of your face and hair will stand out more.
  • Face shape: Find your face shape and buy eyewear online which will perfectly complement your features.
    • Round face: Square or rectangular frames tend to be broader than a round face and enhance the features by making your face appear longer and slimmer.
    • Oval face: The best frames for oval face are those which have a strong bridge and are wider than the broad part of the face.
    • Square face: Rectangular styles with round edges or narrower oval frames soften the square jawline and enhance the look.
    • Trapezoidal face: If your face is wider at the bottom, opt for half rim style or cat eye style to balance out your jaw line.
    • Narrow face: You can try square or circular frames for a narrow face. Buy eye wear online at William Penn with thicker arms and decorative details at the temples.

Look no further for men’s eyewear. Browse our entire collection and buy eyewear online as a memorable gift for your loved ones.          



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