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“Writing lets you get lost in a magical world
where your mind is free and your thoughts flow like ink.
Your words have power,
come find the wand that waves them into being.”
“Writing lets you get lost in a magical world
where your mind is free and
your thoughts flow like ink.
Your words have power,
come find the wand
that waves them into being.”

Once upon a time…

William Penn began as a quest to bring the fine writing instruments of the world to India. Before us, eager fountain pen enthusiasts had to search far and wide to, Sheaffers and Sailors of the world.
Our founder Nikhil Ranjan believed that India was a viable market for fine writing instruments and accessories. His mission was to bridge the gap between brands and their customers. So, he set sail to find a name that would encompass the company’s relationships with iconic, foreign brands and its love of everything related to writing.


What's in a name?

William Penn was named after the eponymous founder of Pennsylvania. A man of keen intelligence, he was a staunch advocate of religious toleration and a prolific writer. With connections to both American and European history, the name made sense for a company which wanted to bring the iconic writing instrument brands of the West home to India. William is, of course, also the name of the most famous writer in history - William Shakespeare. Penn proved to be an irresistible pun on the company’s core product, and thus the name was adopted and our company born.


Who we are today?

As we grew, we started thinking about the role we wanted to play. It didn't take long to realise that for us, there is nothing sweeter than being part of the special moments. The birthdays, graduations and the myriad of festivals that add so much vibrancy to this beautiful nation.
As the needs of our customers evolved, so did we. We expanded from a store filled with fine writing instruments to a gifting destination with something to offer everyone. We did this by paying attention to the little touches, the details that make gifting such a profound way to express joy, love, or pride. We acquired and created brands we believe in and partnered with other exceptional brands to curate a catalogue we are so very proud of.

In our 20th year we acquired 110 years of history!

In 2022, William Penn acquired Sheaffer, the iconic American pen company that was founded in 1913. TheSheaffer Pen Companybegan over 100 years ago with a big idea from a visionary thinker. Walter Sheaffer, a skilled jeweller by trade, had an eye for detail and a mind for invention. In the small back room of his father's Iowa jewellery store, Sheaffer developed and patented a revolutionary fountain pen that improved the writing experience for pen users across America. Over a century later, Sheaffer continues to deliver a unique writing experience for pen enthusiasts. The legendary White Dot designed into every Sheaffer pen is an enduring symbol of quality, prestige and performance that is recognised across the world. William Penn has been a licensed distributor of the brand since 2003, and is deeply honoured to be entrusted with Sheaffer’s name and legacy. We look forward to exploring all the great opportunities this exciting acquisition brings.


We created. We treasured.


An English gem we couldn’t resist, is now our crown jewel.Lapis Bardis a brand with exquisite design sensibilities, that believes in creating luxury products that evolve with your needs. Each piece reflecting expert craftsmanship.


Innovative, agile and always in tune with the needs of the Indian customer,Pennlinehas delivered several superstar products like wireless power bank organisers and the productivity boosting journal Quikrite.

The Milestones that lead us here



Nikhil Ranjan is inducted into the board of the Sheaffer museum and unveils a new Sheaffer pen.



We celebrated our 21st Anniversary 

In our 20th year we acquired 110 years of history! We acquired Sheaffer.

The “Words that Matter” initiative was born and the exclusive 83 collection, our first tie-up with a movie, was launched

Survived the Pandemic by taking a bold step to focus and expand our digital presence

Added a personal touch with our in-house product-personalisation services

Launched innovative products under Pennline like wireless power bank organisers and Quikrite, a productivity boosting journaling system

Evolved from a premium fine writing store into a multi-brand and multi-category retailer

Pennline, an inhouse brand focused on creating innovative writing products, was launched and Lapis Bard, an English brand and true gem, was acquired

Hosted a workshop by Sailor’s legendary nib master Nobuyoshi Nagahara and an exclusive limited edition exhibition that drew admirers from across the country

We launched our signature experience of allowing patrons to put any pen in the store to the test

A perfect landing - we opened our famous Delhi airport store

Chilling in the mall - we opened our store at Forum Mall, Koramangala, Bangalore

The inception of William Penn with our first store in Koramangala, Bangalore


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