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Ganesha Set Feather Orange Fountain Pen With Ink

Ganesha Set Feather Or...


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Quill Pens

Quill pens will let you marvel at the contribution of the birds that gave away their feathers for knowledge to spread far and wide. Experience the perfect throwback to the olden times when quill pens were the only means to transfer your thoughts into written words.

The brand

These antique writing tools are brought you by the brand Rubinato. It is based in Italy and owned by Francesco Rubinato who is passionate about ancient writing tools and decided to bring them back to life for the new age customers. Thanks to his expert team of artisans and craftsmen, he has been able to cater to the needs and likes of his growing base of customers.

The collection 

The amazing collection of writing set comes with the quill pen and a variety of accessories as accompaniments. The accessories include bottles of non-toxic water-based ink in a range of colours, engraved brass seals and coloured seal wax sticks.  

You will love the Ganesha set feather fountain pen with ink that has the enchanting Ganesha figurine pen stand with a colourful feather quill pen. Purchase it for your personal use or gift it to someone you love. Either way it is a great pick that will be cherished forever.  

The elegant medieval style desk set is a great accessory for your work table. It comes with an ink bottle, decorated nib holder and three adorable mini books.

Other gifting options

If you are looking for some modern day gifting options, then you can check out the Sheaffer ballpen set at William Penn that comes in neat pack along with a variety of accessories such as an elegant table clock, smart credit card or business card holder.

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