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Go retro with Rubinato pens and experience the forgotten beauty of vintage writing with quill pens. With a 60 year experience in delighting customers, the range, quality and look of their products will simply floor you. You can choose from a variety of calligraphic pens, pen holders, quill stands, brass seals and many other adorable desktop accessories.

The history

Francesco Rubinato carried forward the family tradition and his love for writing tools by taking care of the stationery business started by his grandfather and managed by his father in Treviso downtown. The possession of original documents of 17th and 18th centuries, vintage nibs, inks and fountain pens inspired him to bring them back to life for use in the modern times by enthusiasts. The fact that he found artisans with expertise to translate his ideas into reality and it found favour with his customers lead him on the path of success. Thus was born the legacy of Rubinato pens and other delightful accessories that will impress one and all.  

Choose your pick

You will be really spoilt for choice when you shop at William Penn for the classic Rubinato quill pens. They come in a variety of colours that pop with a range of accompaniments and accessories for a superb writing experience. The feathers naturally shed by birds such as goose are sterilised and dyed for use in the Rubinato quill pens. If you are looking for original, go for those of eagle, pheasant and peacock. You can pick up water-based, non-toxic inks in the colour of your choice and scented inks made of natural fragrances.

Gifts that will be treasured

The Ganesha set with feather fountain pen will let you take the blessings of the Hindu Elephant God every time you wish to put your pen to paper. It makes a great gift choice for various occasions and festivals. If you are looking for other gift choices, then William Penn also stocks Cross Ballpoint pens for corporate or personal gifting.

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