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5 Tips to Choose the Right Wallets for Men

November 6, 2018
5 Tips to Choose the Right Wallets for Men

You decide to go out for a fancy meal and at the end of it you take out your wallet to pay. While you may have made a smashing impression during the meal, your wallet can either make or break it. A classy leather wallet for men can be a great style statement. Obviously, a scuffed wallet does not bode well for your reputation. Similarly neither does an overfull one. So let's know a little more about wallets for men and tips to have the perfect one for you!

Tips to choose the best wallet for men

Not just the look, you should choose a wallet based on many other things too. Because it is a part of your styling and your personality and you certainly wouldn't want it to go wrong.


1.  Find a simple wallet

The first tip would be to not go with the those decorated and i-am-so-funky looking wallets. Go for plainer ones that can go with your casual as well as work look. And although brown and black are the colours of all times, you can experiment with beige, green, red ones too. The point is to find something that matches your style.

2. Invest in good brands

If you want a wallet that can go for a longer period of time then it is always wise to buy from a good brand. Even if you aren't looking for a longtime wallet partner, you still should prefer good quality. The non-branded ones are often compromised when it comes to quality resulting in tearing and loosening up very early and we know you don't want your leather wallet to have a non-leather impression! You can check out our wallets collection with amazing brands from all over the world. We have brands like SECRID, Lapis Bard, Pennline, Montblanc.


3.  Go for a slimmer version

These days there are different types of wallets and the slim wallets for men are particularly under the spotlight. They are easy to carry and look so much better than any over-sized wallet. So instead of going for those heavy bulgy wallets, try the latest slim wallets.

4.  Choose a suitable onePassports wallets for men from Pennline

Wallets for men are like handbags for women, they should go with your dressing style as well as your lifestyle. If you carry many cards along with you, look for features like better-compartmentalized wallets with enough slots for your cards and licenses. If you are a frequent traveler, you can choose traveler wallets too. This type comes with a zipper and passport slot to be convenient for you.

5.  Can keep a spare wallet too

Changing it periodically definitely helps in the long run. This way you can just interchange the wallets at times and give rest to your favorite one. There are different types of men's wallet online, that are available at good prices too. Just go through the brands to check the quality and pick one that suits you the best.

Wallet tip: Unburden and clean out your wallet periodically. You really do not need to keep those old bills and ATM receipts. A bulky wallet is quite distasteful. If you must carry those multiple cards choose a wallet with separate flaps to make it look more presentable. Also preferably carry a wallet with transparent pockets for your driver’s license.

When purchasing a wallet you do need to keep in mind the company you keep. If you are part of the managerial cadre at a corporate, a simple black or brown wallet should work. However, there are funky wallets for men as well, if you are the creative sorts. But the bottom line should be choosing a subtle and classy one and not overdo it.

Lastly, never underestimate the investment in a good quality wallet. It could make or break your status tomorrow.  Find a new range of wallets, belts and many other men's accessories under one roof. Click here to explore the collection now.