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Service Policy

Any manufacturing defect discovered in a product sold by William Penn and its authorized retailers under current production will be replaced/repaired free of cost within 20 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and other public holidays) if it is within the warranty period and invoice copy of authorized retailer is provided. Customer needs to retain the warranty card with sign and signature of the retailer or bill copy of the retailer and carry the same when returning the product to the store for service. Warranty card informs the customer what constitutes a manufacturing defect (refer manufacturing defects page of warranty card).

If any manufacturing defect is discovered in a purchase from William Penn and its authorized retailers within its warranty period but unable to replace or repair the product due to the circumstances beyond the control, William Penn and its authorized retailers undertakes to replace the purchase with a substitute item with a value equal to the original purchase.

Accidents Happen! If the product is damaged due to mishandling or an accident or if there is problem after the warranty is expired- William Penn and its authorized retailers will do the absolute best to repair the problem for the customer. Any estimation related to service will be notified to the Customer in advance. It could take about minimum of 45 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and other public holidays) and above for return. Courier charges to be borne by the customer.

For products that are discontinued or are Vintage models. It may take three to six months for servicing. This is because the parts may be available only with the manufacturer and the product may have to be sent to the service center for identification of the problem and then repaired/replaced. The costs for the repairs if any, courier charges and re-import charges are to be borne by the customer.

Customers have the option to personalise their product by engraving a company logo or name, however the engraved colour may vary from the preview shown during the purchase. Orders with personalisation request cannot be cancelled once the product is engraved. Such products cannot be exchanged.

William Penn has not authorized any retailer to sell online or on to any market places like Amazon, Flipkart etc. Hence, any purchase made by the customers from such unauthorized sources will not be considered by William Penn for service.


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