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Welcome to thePennClique


Hello PennClique Member ,

Welcome to PennClique, William Penn's exclusive loyalty rewards program! As a valued customer, we want to show our appreciation for your loyalty by offering you exciting rewards and benefits. With PennClique, every purchase you make earns you points that can be redeemed for amazing perks. Earning more points helps unlock higher membership levels, which come with even more benefits and points for future purchases. It's our way of saying thank you for choosing William Penn as your preferred destination for fine writing instruments and lifestyle accessories.

Join PennClique today and start collecting points now!


Share your mobile number with us at the time of billing


The PennClique Commandments

The rules are simple. You earn PennClique points when you shop on our website or at any of our retail stores. Each point is worth Rs 1 and can be redeemed at any William Penn outlet as well as on our website. The more points you have, the more benefits you unlock.

The First Rule of Penn Club... is Always Talk About Penn Club.

We love writers and talkers! Spread the word by writing product reviews and referring your friends to earn even more PennClique points.

Membership Levels

Insider, Pro and Elite

With each new level you unlock a special treat!

All you need to join the Penn Club is a valid email id and phone number.

Being a part of the Penn Club allows you to access a host of exciting benefits.

We offer 3 membership levels:

PennClique Benefits
Unlocking the levelSpend betweenRs 1 - 50,000in the last 12 monthsSpend betweenRs 50,001 - 100,000in the last 12 monthsSpend more thanRs 100,001in the last 12 months
Redemption time frame12 months (You will receive SMS reminders)12 months (You will receive SMS reminders)12 months (You will receive SMS reminders)
Earn rate1 pointfor every Rs 100 spent3 pointsfor every Rs 100 spent5 pointsfor every Rs 100 spent
Birthday month benefits10% discount on a single purchase of Rs. 5000 or more10% discount on a single purchase of Rs. 5000 or more15% discount on a single purchase of Rs. 5000 or more
Referral benefits10% OFF*for you and the person you refer15% OFF*for you and the person you refer20% OFF*for you and the person you refer
Welcome bonusA one-time 200A one-time 200A one-time 200
When you registerPoint bonus upon registrationPoint bonus upon registrationPoint bonus upon registration
Redemption capRedeem up to1000 pointsper invoiceRedeem up to2000 pointsper invoiceNo cap

Note: Please provide your email id and mobile number prior to billing to capture these benefits. *T&C Apply.

  • Earn Points each time you Purchase with us.
  • Redeem Points on Your next visit.
  • Get Customized Offers on Your Registered Mobile Number.

Points Redeeming Criteria

Redeeming Points is hassle free!

■ Become a member of PennClique, accumulate Points.
■ Provide your registered mobile number at the time of billing and start redeeming your Points.
■ Each Point has a value of Re 1.
■ Points are valid for 12 Months.
■ Purchase, Grab Rewards & Repeat!

The Penn Pal Referral Program

Click on the link provided here to invite a friend to join our program today! Your referral points will be automatically credited to your account upon your friend’s purchase and can be redeemed on your next buy.

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