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Calligraphy pens

Whether you wish to create an artistic piece of calligraphy or simply want a unique way to embellish the scrapbooks and greeting cards, you will certainly find something to meet your needs from our wide range of calligraphy fountain pens. You can conveniently buy calligraphy pens online from William Penn and explore this traditional art of beautiful writing.

Different types of calligraphy pens

There are four main types of pens that are used for calligraphy:

  • Felt Tip pens: These are easy to use and ideal for beginners. The calligraphers don’t need to prepare ink before using these pens.
  • Fountain pens: These are mainly used by intermediate and advanced calligraphers. You can buy these calligraphy pens online from any reputed store. They come with changeable nibs and ink cartridges.
  • Dip pens: These pens can be used by both beginners and advanced calligraphers. The dip pens comprise of three components, a handle, nib-holder and a shaft which the calligrapher grips while writing.
  • Brush pens: These pens have thin brush between 6mm to 20mm width. The calligrapher dips the brush in to the ink to write. The brush pens can be more challenging than the felt pens or fountain pens.

If you are social media maniac, chances are that you must have seen how graceful calligraphy can be. To try this art yourself, you can buy calligraphy pens online from William Penn. We have superior quality calligraphy pens from different brands like Sheaffer, Lamy and Rubinato.  Our exceptional quality calligraphy fountain pens and engraved fountain pens can also be wonderful gifts for the calligraphy enthusiasts.

So, buy the best calligraphy fountain pens on William Penn and turn your handwriting in to a fine art.



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