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Our Returns/Exchanges/Refund Policy

While all our products are made with great care and we try to uphold all quality standards and the latest trends in mind, you still may not like the product once it reaches you. And that’s perfectly fine, as our returns/refund/replacement policy help you send it back to us in the most convenient way possible. So, if you have any questions regarding returning or replacing your product, just go through the FAQs listed below:

Q1. What is the window of placing a return or replacement request for any product?

A. For any product, you need to raise the request within 7 days of the product being delivered to you. Within these 7 days, you can thoroughly check the product, and if you don’t like it, you can file a return or replacement request as you wish.

Q2. Is there any product that cannot be returned?

A. You can return or exchange any product as long as it is in perfect condition and still has the original tags intact and attached to the product. If the tag gets removed, the product will be considered in a “Used” condition and will no longer be eligible for return or refund.

3. Do I get a credit note for replaced goods?

A. Unfortunately, for goods brought for exchange, no credit note will be given.

Q4. Can I exchange goods bought on special discounted sales?

A. Yes, you can. However, for such products, the exchange will be done based on the discount rate applicable on the date of the exchange and not on the discounted rate you purchased the product at.

Q5. For returns, how is the price of the product returned to me?

A. For all returns, a refund is provided in the form of store credits ONLY. No form of monetary refund will be credited into your bank account. You can use these store credits to purchase other products in the future.

Q6. How do I apply for a return or replacement of a product I bought previously?

A. To place the request for return or exchange, simply go to “Orders” and click on the relevant option against the applicable order. However, keep in mind that there is only a 7-day window for placing such requests, after which you will not be able to request any form of return or replacement.


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