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(Items 1-40 of 515)

(Items 1-40 of 515)

Zippo Lighters

Though a lighter has become synonymous with cigarette smoking, you can buy Zippo lighter in India even if you are a non-smoker. Fire has a lot of symbolism attached to it and a lighter is just that, a portable fire lighter. You may have plenty of reasons to own a lighter as it is one of the everyday carry (EDC) tool that is good to have in your person, especially if you are going out on an adventure trip outdoors. Even otherwise, with a host of items to light up that include candles, wicks and incense sticks, buying a cigarette lighter online is not a bad idea. Buy them at William Penn.  

 Spoilt for choice

The range of Zippo lighter in India is cool and classy. With an all metal construction and classic finish, the solid lighters look sophisticated. But if you want some entertainment for your eyes and others’, then go for lighters with designs made using colour imaging, laser engraving, emblem attaching and other such techniques.

The windproof Zippo lighters in India with a distinctive Zippo click work absolutely anywhere you want them to, be it indoors or outdoors and in almost all the weather conditions. 

 Why buy from William Penn

Zippo is an iconic American brand that is now available at William Penn, the sole authorised importer of the brand in India. When you buy Zippo lighters from William Penn, you get a lifetime warranty and the assurance. Each piece we deliver comes with a unique seal of authenticity and guarantee. Though the possibility is miniscule, in case of any malfunction arising out of manufacturing defect, the lighters will be fixed for free.

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