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Looking for premium leather bags for men online? You have come to the right place. At William Penn online store, find branded handbags in unique styles and designs. Browse through our selection to find the best leather bags for men. 

Tips to buy the best leather bags online 

Check for the type of leather 

Most luxury brands craft bags from fine grain leather that gets more beautiful and softer with age. On the other hand, bags made from bonded leather looks like the real one, and may cost you less, but will not give you the life like the original leather bag. 

Find out the tanning process 

The tanning process also has a big say in the style and life of the leather bag. When you check out men’s leather bags online, try to find out the tanning process that was used. Vegetable tanning is better than chrome tanning as it is eco-friendly. A vegetable-tanned leather bag may be stiff when you buy, but with age, it gradually softens and takes a sheen, making it look like new for years. 

Take a close look at the stitching 

When you are browsing for handmade leather bags online, take a close look at the stitching. The stitching should be fine, nearly invisible, and without any loose threads. The stitching near the handles should be double reinforced. 

Check out the hardware 

Premium leather bags have hardware made from high-quality materials, which offer durable use.  Carefully check the buckles, handles, locks, zippers, strap fittings, and metallic rings before you make your purchase. The zoom option in websites will be useful for this careful check. The hardware should be neatly stitched into the leather, so that it holds up to rough use. 

Decide on the color 

Lastly, decide on the color when you buy laptop bags online. If you want to buy a messenger bag for casual use, go for tan or light browns. For professional purposes, dark brown or black will be perfect.

William Penn has an incredible selection of premium leather laptop and messenger bags. Browse through our online selection to find a leather bag for men.

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