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How is the Quikrite different from regular notebooks/journals?

Here you go:
Segregate based on 10 different formats for different subjectsX
Page numbers for indexing and keep track of all your cool ideasX
Perforated center spread and tabs for handing out messagesX
Slip in , Slip out Quikfills as per your requirementX
Business card and cash sleevesX
Handy, and comes with a cool leatherette jacketX
Package box that doubles up as storage for new or used QuikfillsX

Is this a notebook or a journal?

It’s both- a journal and a notebook. And yes, it’s the best of both worlds! It has Refillable Quikfills that come in 5 different formats at the moment - Ruled, Plain, Graph, Dotgrid and coloured. Stay tuned for more formats!

Can we install 3 Quikfills (refills) in a Quikrite?

Although the Quikrite primarily holds 2 Quikfills, there's enough room for another one to be added. Every new Quikrite box comes with an extra band which can be used to accommodate the 3rd Quikfill. So yes, we can install 3 Quikfills in Quikrite without a problem.

Does Quikrite have Fountain Pen friendly paper?

Yes, Quikrite has Fountain Pen friendly Fat-Free 80 GSM paper. However, the red-coloured booklet may have slight feathering effect due to the colour coating on it.
Also, for better writing experience, use fine to medium nibs and avoid wet nibs.

How long will the leatherette cover last?

The Outer case of Quikrite is made of high-quality Leatherette material that is water resistant and has a smooth texture. It’s highly durable and can last long if handled with care and not exposed to direct heat or moisture.

Approximately, how long will a Quikfill last?

Each Quikfill has 72 pages. Typically, each Quikfill may last around 2 months, however, it totally depends on one’s usage.

Can I get two different formats of Quikfills in a pack of two?

No, each pack of Quikfills has two identical Quikfills.

What are the Quikfill specifications?

Quikfills are available in 5 different formats – Plain, Ruled, Dotgrid, Graph and Coloured. For further details, please find them at

What is the warranty on Quikrite?

We do not offer any warranty on the Quikrite.

Is the Quikrite manufactured in India?

The Quikrite is designed, developed and assembled in India by William Penn Pvt. Ltd. The outer leatherette cover is sourced from the far east.

What if the elastic band breaks?

Each Quikrite kit contains an extra loose elastic band which can be used if a band breaks.

Quikfills are too thin, is there any other version of it?

No, there is only one size of Quikfill. Each Quikfill has 72 pages. It has been designed to be slim and handy, it can be carried by itself or as a part of the Quikrite journal. Currently there are 5 different versions of the Quikfill and there are more formats that will soon be available. However, we are always open to suggestions and ideas, we’d love to hear them, do write to us at [email protected]

How do I replace my old Quikfills with new ones?

It’s quite easy! Without disturbing the orientation of the Quikfills and elastic band of the Quikrite journal, just slip out the old Quikfill, and replace it with a new one. Repeat the same for 2nd Quikfill. In case of confusion, you may check out the video link here

Is Personalization Possible on the Quikrite?

Yes, personalization is possible on Quikrite’s outer leatherette cover. We recommend blind embossing or foil embossing on the cover. We at William Penn, would be happy to customize the Quikrite for you. To know more, you may reach us at our stores or email us at [email protected]

How can I buy Quikrite in bulk and is there any discount on bulk purchase?

To purchase Quikrite in bulk, you may reach us at our stores or contact us at - with your order requirements. Discounts and offers are based on the order quantity.

How can I buy Quikrite for corporate sale?

For Quikrite corporate enquiries, you may reach us at our stores or contact us at -

Can I buy Quikrite and Quikfills in case I reside outside india?

We currently don’t retail them outside India, you may buy them online from our website. Shipping and customs duty charges may apply depending on the country you are ordering from.



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