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With a precise mark like a pencil and an exclusive and elegant design, PRIMA is a writing instrument, that writes with no ink and no refill.

PRIMA is completely handmade in Italy and is designed by Sergio Mori the designer.

In 2012 a Prima prototype pen got a special mention at Grandesign Etico, an award dedicated to innovation and ethics in design projects.

Ferrule in Ethergraf

Writes without ink and without refill

Handmade in Italy

Complete with cylindrical case

100% Safe and without Lead.

Pininfarina Black Stylus in a gift box.

NAPKINFOREVER styluses are equipped with a tip made of a metal alloy

The Ethergraf is a material that in contact with the paper oxidizes and leaves an indelible mark for defined sections without the need for refills

From the precise stretch like a pencil, with an elegant and exclusive design, Prima is the instrument that writes without the need for inks or refills.

Features of the stylus Prima

  • Ethergraf® ferrule
  • Single body in anodized aluminum
  • Lenght 18cms (7,1")
  • Diameter (tail) 1cm (0,39")
  • Weight 39gr (1,37oz)
  • The visibility of the impression left by Ethergraf may vary with the type of paper. It is best suited for coated paper.


    • Brand Origin : Italy


    This product has a warranty of 1 year.LIMITATIONS: This limited warranty does not cover any damage deriving from misuse, mishandling, accidental impact or drop, disassembling attempt. Furthermore, the metal tip can get worn-out if used on the rough surface either than plain paper.

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