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For someone with a large and emphatic writing who would write with a flourish, a broad nib is highly recommended. The broad nib is nice and wet and a perfect replacement for a marker pen! These tips usually write like butter on a hot skillet!Nib tips can be shaped in different ways to create different types of lines. These days, the vast majority of fountain pen nibs have round tips, which create uniform lines regardless of the direction or orientation of the nib to the paper.The other major tip shape is italic, sometimes referred to as a stub or calligraphy tip. The tips of italic nibs are wide and flat, creating wide vertical strokes and narrow horizontal strokes. Italic nibs are great for calligraphy, but they can also be used to add a bit of style to any writing. They do require a bit more practice and attention to use than round nibs, but many people find the results more than worth the additional effort.


  • Brand Origin : Germany
  • Product Material : Metal


Two Year International Warranty against manufacturing defects.

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