Multitasking ballpoint pen CONSTRUCTION SQUARE




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An eye-catcher on any desktop. Here, you will not want to hide it! The new trendy material, brass, is a real announcement: bold, clear, confident. The polished surface has a fine structure with an antique look. The multitasking CONSTRUCTION pens really have something to them - and in them. Various scales, centimetre and inch ruler, slotted/Phillips screwdriver, stylus, and spirit level. With CONSTRUCTION, you can't go wrong! Multitasking ballpoint pen, square-shaped, centimetre-/inch ruler, spirit level, stylus, Phillips/flat-head screwdriver, black refill, brass, polished, matt, antique brass.

  • Tried and tested function in a new form planning aid and tool box all in one
  • Various scales, centimeter and inch ruler, flathead and Philips screwdriver, stylus and spirit-level (Diameter: 10 mm)
  • Multi-tool ballpoint pen with centimeter and inch ruler, 1:20m and 1:50m scales, spirit-level, Philips and flathead screwdriver and stylus.
  • For taking notes, measuring and screwing, as a touch pen available in a variety of colors line thickness M (1 mm) black refill writing length: 1,600 to 1,800 m, suitable as a gift for any occasion ideal for architects, building planners, technical designers, engineers, etc.

    • Brand Origin : Germany
    • Product Material : Brass


    Two Years Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects.

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