King Of Pens Uchu Urushi Gold Trims Fountain Pen - Medium Nib



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Sailor King of Pens Uchu Fountain Pen Limited Edition Urushi Maki-e Artist . Wataru Kurotobi has taken unusually abstract views of various spectacles and has drawn inspiration from his studies of the Cosmos. The variation of colour and light has been captured by his artwork for this special Limited edition series prepared by Sailor, the Uchu fountain pen. The artist has used the traditional Urushi decoration technique known as Saya-Nuri or Kawari ?Nuri. This technique is said to have its origins back in the fief system of the Edo period 1615-1868 when local craftsmen used a range of techniques to decorate the sword scabbards and make them noticeably different. With the abolition of the wearing of swords in public in 1876 this Urushi technique was applied to other small items. For this pen, a combination of hakeme-nuri, bokashi-nuri and togidashi techniques with selective addition of gold leaf and raden has been used. Firstly several base coats of dark blue Urushi laquer are applied at the Naka nuri stage (hakeme nuri). Pink Urushi and gold leaf are then selectively applied and black Urushi is applied at the Uwa nuri stage with the raden. After drying and burnishing, a clear Urushi is applied and the pen is finally polished to a high lustre. The King of Pens in Ebonite with silver accents and Rhodium plated solid 21K gold nib has been specially chosen for this artistic masterpiece; the edition is limited to only 33 pieces worldwide.


  • Cap Mechanism : Threaded
  • Brand Origin : Japan
  • Filling Mechanism : Cartridge & converter
  • Grip Diameter : 20 mm
  • Nib Size : Medium
  • Product Material : Precious Resin


One Year International Warranty against manufacturing defects.

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