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Do you want to get back to using fountain pens but don ’t know where to start?
Have you always been intrigued about the writing instrument but don’t know whom to ask?
Have you inherited a fountain pen from someone in your family and have been wanting to start using it?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any or all of the above, then this workshop is for you!

What To Expect?

This Workshop is designed to give you more than just a sneak-peek into the world of fountain pens.

Workshop highilghts

WelcomeHistory Of Fountain Pens
Common Myths About Fountain Penswhat Makes A Good Fountain Pen And How To Choose The Right Pen?
Benefits Of Using A Good Fountain Penfountain Pen Friendly Paper
Introduction To Ink And Colours: How To Choose The Right InkHands On Experience
fountain Pen Care And Maintenancewrite A Letter

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Frequently asked questions

Who can attend this workshop?

  • This workshop is primarily for a complete novice/beginner.
  • For someone who has probably written with a fountain pen, but has lost touch with them over the years
  • For someone who desires to write with a fountain pen but doesn’t know where to start from.
  • For someone who has inherited a fountain pen from their parents, grandparents, a favourite uncle but has never got the chance to use it.
  • For someone who has always been curious about the fountain pen and wants to find out more.
  • And of course for a regular user who wants to try writing with world-class fountain pens
  • How do I register?

  • Please tap the link below and fill up the details to register with us.
  • Can I cancel or postpone the appointment?

  • In the event of cancellation, there is no refund offered.
  • If you wish to postpone, we should be given a 7-day notice in advance.
  • Can I get someone along with me on the appointed day?

  • You may do so, however, the companion cannot sit in during the session.
  • We would discourage bringing children younger than 10 years old since it would be distracting.
  • How many can attend at a time?

  • There can be only one attendee at a time for the workshop.
  • How long will the session be?

  • It will be a half an hour workshop session. (To be modified if it would take longer during trials)
  • Can anyone else in my name attend the workshop if I won't be able to make it?

  • No.
  • If I am in another city on the day of the appointment, can I attend it at any of the William Penn stores there?

  • Only if we are informed 7 days in advance and only if a time slot is available.
  • Is the registration fee refundable?

  • The registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Will I also get a Fountain Pen at the end of the session?

  • Fountain Pen will not be given. However, you can purchase one at the store or visit us at

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