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Veera Pandian

1 Posts | Joined on: 09/13/18 00:15:43

I know how to install 2 Quickfills . There's a YouTube video which clearly shows how. 

Im unable to figure out how to install the 3rd Quickfill (I need 3 Quikfills together in my Quiknote) Can anyone help?



Posted: 09/13/18 00:15:43

Vikram R SriHari

1 Posts | Joined on: 09/18/18 21:19:45

Response to Kattaboman - the solution is pretty straightforward. Pass the spare band supplied, thru the centre of the first (installed) Quickfill and then follow exactly the same process as you did whilst installing the second Quickfill. Just remember the newly installed Quickflll will be brought to the front as the first Quickfill in sequence. Trust this is of help to you. 

Posted: 09/18/18 21:19:45


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