Quikrite Discussion Forum - Cover of the Quiknote, does it last well?

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Bobby Markose

1 Posts | Joined on: 09/26/18 12:08:17

And are holding bands available in stationary shops?

Posted: 09/26/18 12:08:17

William Penn

8 Posts | Joined on: 09/28/18 07:20:11

Hey Bobby, 

The longevity of the Quiknote Outer Case entirely depends on one's usage. If it is kept away from direct heat and moisture or any such damaging sources/surfaces, the leatherette cover should last for a long time. And about the holding bands, currently, we do not sell them separately. 

Posted: 09/28/18 07:20:11

John Abraham

2 Posts | Joined on: 10/12/18 15:43:44

The Quiknote adds a fair bit of style to your personality..

But we could do with  spare plastic pouches .Those don't look sturdy enough..

Posted: 10/12/18 15:43:44

Varun Tipnis

1 Posts | Joined on: 10/21/18 11:14:38

I agree. Quality of the card holder / plastic pouch must be improved. 

Posted: 10/21/18 11:14:38

William Penn

8 Posts | Joined on: 09/28/18 07:20:11

Hi Varun, 


Thank you for the review. It's our customer's feedback that helps us improve and we are glad to inform you that we are coming soon with our new Quikrite versions. Stay tuned for all the latest updates. 





Team William Penn

Posted: 12/27/18 10:39:44



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