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Forever Boutonniere Satinato Rosso/Red


₹4,400 ₹5,500


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With this product, the Pininfarina Segno project recaptures the style symbol and reinterprets it, giving life to the first fancy wearable writing accessory. Thanks to the elegance of its metal body and ETHERGRAF, this is definitely a catch!

1. Designed By Forever Selected By Pininfarina Segno

2. 100% Made In Italy

3. Writing Technique 500 Years Old Used By Leonardo Da Vinci During Period Of Renaissance

4. Writing Doesn't Use Ink , Doesn't Use Graphite , Doesn't Need Refills

5. Way Of Writing By Paper Oxidation (Reaction Between Metal Tip And Paper During Friction)

6. Write On Any Paper, Except Laminated Paper, Recycle Paper, Journal Paper , Painted Paper ,Bank Check Paper.

7. Wearable Writing Accessories

Body material :Single body in brass

Basement material:Not available

Tip: Ethergraf® metal alloy

Body dimensions : Lenght 58mm - diameter 4 mm

Body weight : 12gr

Packaging : Cardboard box with band

Overall dimensions: Lenght 85mm - Large 85 mm - Depht 45mm

Overall weight: 81 gr.

Additional Information

  • Product Colour : Red

More Information

  • Manufacturer Origin Country : Italy
  • Customer care : 1800 102 7366
  • Warranty Terms & Conditions : 12 MONTH : Supplier provide to Dealer a warranty period of 12 months after the purchase (24 months in European Countries ) . The chop and date of purchase have to be printed by the Dealer in the apposite area. Whenever any repair may be needed , please return your stylus to the Supplier and will be repaired it . LIMITATIONS : This limited warranty does not cover any damage deriving from misuse, mishandling, accidental impact or drop, disassembling attempt. Furthermore the metal tip can get worn-out if used on rough surface either than plain paper.


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