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Engraving Service
Frequently Asked Questions
Can all products be Personalized?

Only products that have the “Personalize” symbol can be personalized.

What content/matter can be personalized?

Content in the English language upto a certain limit in terms of characters (can include names and special messages) can be reproduced on the product. This would depend on the product and the content. To reproduce logos, we would generally require a minimum order quantity of 20 pieces for personalization.

Is there a limit to what content can be personalized?

Yes. Generally, a maximum of 15 characters (including spaces) can be reproduced in three different font options

Times New Roman

John Doe

Script MT Bold

John Doe

Monotype Corsiva

John Doe

The number of characters may slightly vary for different category of products. This, however, does not hold good for logos for which there is a separate process.

How long does it take to ship a personalized product?

This would depend on whether the product is available in stock. If the product is available, it could be shipped within 2 working days. This is applicable for individual orders only.

Can I cancel a personalization request?

No, this is not possible. Once the order is placed especially for personalized products, it cannot be cancelled.

Can I change the content for personalization after the order has been placed?

No, this request cannot be accommodated after the order has been placed.

Can I return the product after personalization in case I don’t like it?

No, this is not possible. All due care would have to be taken by the customer to provide the right content for personalization. Our team will take care to ensure that the content provided by the customer will be exactly reproduced on the product.

How Does Engraving Work?

Here at William Penn, we use laser engraving technique that accurately removes the surface material of the product. The engraved portion will reveal the material underneath (the base metal).  Hence, the colour of the engraved portion will be exactly the colour of the underlying material of the pen/accessory. For example, if the product is lacquered on brass, the engraving will reveal a brass (dark yellow colour) material that is beneath.  Similarly, if the base metal is steel or aluminum, then the engraving would reveal the colour of that metal.

What are the available fonts ?

At present we use Times New Roman, Script MT Bold and Monotype Corsiva. This is applicable for a name that needs to be engraved. Company logos can also be engraved.

How much does the engraving cost?

The cost for engraving is Rs 150 per impression.

How do I pay for the engraving ?

Please follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Select the product of your choice that can be personalized (look for the 'Personalize' logo on top of the products)
  • Select your desired font and add the engraving position on the product
  • Preview your text that needs to be engraved
  • Add the product to your cart
  • Proceed with the payment option
  • An additional amount of INR 150 will be automatically added with your total purchase amount as the engraving charge
How does a personalized (engraved) product look?

There is a preview feature (for select products) that shows the approximate size, colour and position of the engraving.

Can I return an engraved product ?

No, regretfully, an engraved product cannot be returned.

Do you do engraving in bulk?

Yes, we most certainly take such orders.   Engraving (with logo) can be done from 20 pieces and above.  For such enquiries, please contact  1800 102 736 Or mail us at [email protected]

What other products can be engraved?