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Embossing Service
Frequently Asked Questions
What is embossing and how does it work?

Embossing is a process where letters are depressed/ recessed into a surface ( like leather) to create a permanent impression. Embossing is usually done on leather and other such soft material.

What type of embossing do we offer?

Our embossing service comes in two major styles.

a) Blind Embossing- It comes out as a subtle tone on tone impression with an extremely smooth finish. It is colourless.

b) Coloured Embossing- Here the impression is either silver or gold coloured.

Blind Emboss

Gold Emboss

Sillver Emboss

*Please note that Embossing of custom logos is also possible. But this is available for larger (>20 pieces) quantities.

*Only alpha-numerical characters with capital letters and small letters in any combination of the font Times New Roman Italic can be Embossed.

How much does Embossing cost?

The cost for Embossing is Rs 150 per impression.

How to place an order for an embossed product?

Please follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Select the product of your choice that can be personalized (look for the 'Personalize' logo on top of the products)
  • Select your desired font and add the embossing position on the product
  • Preview your text that needs to be embossed
  • Add the product to your cart
  • Proceed with the payment option
  • An additional amount of INR 150 will be automatically added with your total purchase amount as the embossing charge
What message can be Embossed?

Only letters of the English language can be embossed (for individual orders). There is a maximum of 10 characters that can be embossed.

How does a personalized (embossed) product look?

There is a preview feature (for select products) that shows the approximate size, colour and position of the embossing.

Can I return an embossed product ?

No, regretfully, an embossed product cannot be returned.

Do you do embossing in bulk?

Yes, we most certainly take such orders. Embossing of logos can be done from 20 pieces and above. For such enquiries, please contact 1800 102 736 Or mail us at [email protected]



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