Dancer Pink Pigment Based Ink - 30ml




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Sailor Storia inks are inspired by the bright and cheery colours of the circus. Each colour has a circus-themed name. Presented in frosted glass ink bottles with a 30mL capacity. The built-in reservoir common to all Sailor inks allow the user to easily fill their fountain pen and extract every last drop of colourful ink into their pen. Pigmented ink is crafted with tiny particles of pigment instead of dye to colour the ink formula. In the case of the Sailor Storia inks, the benefit is a quick dry time, water resistance and lightfastness. Pigment particles sit on top of the paper instead of being absorbed into the paper fibers like dye ink. Due to this, anything written with pigmented ink can be preserved for generations, therefore do use caution while using pigmented inks. Ideally, these inks should not be filled and stored in the pen. If using it, washing the pen every week is advised as it may damage or stain the feed if left for a long time in the pen.


  • Brand Origin : Japan
  • Ink Colour : Pink

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