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(Items 121-130 of 130)


If you are enduring the discomfort and embarrassment of an old style bulky wallet, your prayers have been answered. Say hello to the new age minimalist Secrid wallets in India that are designed and manufactured in Holland.

Data and information threat

The digital revolution and technology development have given rise to a range of threats and risks as much as they have enhanced our conveniences. With paperless money being the norm and multiple cards in your wallet for ease of transaction, you have another danger to be aware and careful of.

Cards these days come embedded with RFID chips that , let you make payments at the touch of the card to the scanner rather than swiping across and/or inserting it into some terminal. Contactless payment is a method that lets you use NFC microchip-embedded cards or mobile services to make tap-and-go payments. So, much for their speed and convenience; they come with their equal share, if not more, of perils. Illegal readers and interceptors can be used by fraudsters to extract crucial information and data to steal your hard-earned money. You can easily keep such threats at bay by purchasing Secrid wallets in India at William Penn.          

Form and function

Secrid wallets in India feature the much loved classic and compact style of a leather wallet and the enhanced security feature of the Secrid Cardprotector that offers top of the range RFID and NFC protection. The interiors are as much of high-quality as the exterior and have enough room for your financial and business cards, paper money and receipts.    

So, keep your physical and financial health in top form with Secrid wallets in India. You can even gift them to your near and dear ones. For more options in this product category, check out Montblanc wallets at William Penn.

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