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What? Seriously? A Cartridge

October 21, 2017
What? Seriously? A Cartridge

In this series that deals with your first tentative steps towards fountain pen ownership and usage, you have learnt about the value of plain good looks and different types of nibs. We now move on to the controversial subject of cartridges versus converters – the part of the fountain pen that contains the ink.

First, the cartridge. This is basically an ink filled reservoir that you can dispose once the ink is done. The converter, on the other hand, is a permanent part of the pen which draws up the ink from the bottle and feeds it to the nib.

A converter means you are engaging with a bottle of ink. A bottle of ink is a romance all by itself. The whole image mimics the ancient one of quill and ink. So people love the converter. Some people. It gives you sense of the depth of fountain pen usage. The whole dipping and drawing is a ritual and allows an intimate connection with your pen.

Pshaw! Is what cartridge people would say to that. Cartridge people love the no mess no fuss efficiency of a ready filled chamber that can be disposed off once you’re done. But a bit of ritual is what fountain pens are all about, those sticklers of converters would argue. While cartridges offer convenience they also limit your choice of inks as you may have to stick to the propriety cartridge designed for your specific pen. So once more it’s about you. About what kind of person you are. So choose and know you’ve made the right choice for yourself. As you get more comfortable with the world of mighty pens, visit our website and do the one enjoyable thing that doesn’t cost anything: browse and feast your eyes on masterpieces of craftsmanship.