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Unique Strokes

March 13, 2018
Unique Strokes

For many, the humble pencil brings back fond memories of school. But it is more than just an ordinary tool. Today, it has become the instrument of choice for carpenters, architects, cartoonists, painters, designers and even writers.

Along with pens, the Imprint Series brings to you a wide range of pencils that have been hand-picked for their unique features and design aesthetics.  

CDA Wooden Pencils

These are not the usual HB wooden pencils you've been using for so long. Their barrel is made from the beech wood that is taken from the Swiss Jura Forest. The elements used to design these pencils, like chocolates and Swiss crosses, are taken from the ancient Swiss folklore thus giving us a colorful introduction to their culture. The graphite is super silky with amazing point retention.

        Take the Troika Multitasking Pencil for instance. It comes with an inbuilt screwdriver, a mini ruler and a touchscreen stylus. Another Troika delight is the Carpenter's Pencil that is ideal for sketching on rough surfaces.  

      Lamy Scribble

Are you an architect, or a designer, or an art director looking for a stylish mechanical pencil for your day-to-day scribbles? The Lamy Scribble is what you are looking for. What used to be a piece of charcoal, is now a 0.7mm push-button pencil with a matte body and palladium-plated metal fittings. This pencil features an inbuilt eraser and what was ideally designed for sketching and illustrations, also writes just as comfortably.      

Pencils also make for wonderful gifts. The Rubinato Swarovski Crystals 50Eh Pencil, for instance, comes with a dazzling crystal mounted on its bottom making it look very chic and elegant.

If you are looking to add a touch of sparkling elegance to your stationary collection, the Swarovski Crystal 50EH Pencils are a must buy. Brilliantly cut Swarovski Crystals are mounted at the tip of these pencils giving it a distinct appeal. These pencils are also an affordable gift for your loved ones.  


Anand Prakash Handmade Pencils

Are you looking for a souvenir that will make for a beautiful gift? These exquisite handmade pencils are the right choice.

They are made from variety of covers, from old and authentic Indian documents and court papers, to vintage newspapers and ledger sheets dating back to the 1970's. Packaged in a recycled wooden box, these pencils are as authentic as they can get.

 Pencils have always been an essential part of a creative person's inventory. With the advent of such feature-rich and delightful pencils, there is something for every creative person – from an artist to a scientist, to discover and explore.