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The writing is on the wall: people still love to write

July 26, 2018
The writing is on the wall: people still love to write

  How do you explain this? In today’s world of hi-tech, you can jot down notes on a smartphone.   Or even dictate your thoughts to ’Siri’ and her other audio siblings. Honestly, you don’t need paper. Then, how come the pen still finds a place in your pocket? Is it because there’s something really personal about scribbling in one’s own handwriting.   Does writing with a pen induce a sense of calm in a world of purposeful chaos? Whatever the reason, one thing we know for sure. People are buying pens, and more than ever. A pleasant surprise, don’t you think? The numbers tell a story: In the last six months, we’ve sold over forty thousand pens! 

History rules

  Take a look at Ancient Middle Eastern culture considered calligraphy to be the highest art form. When we write we use our hands, lines are formed by us, words created by ourselves, thereby creating a unique imprint. Thus the existence of the science of graphology that reveals so much. A type-written whatever says nothing, only conveying content, not hidden traits a slant here or pressure there would.   Like a massage- Writing is a part of a quiet world. A world in which we not just think but have the time and mental space to consider and contemplate – a spa zone for the mind, one that has special  significance in our switched on world noisily Instagramming, texting, tweeting, Snapchatting and posting.   You could try it: the instant therapy of holding a dimensional and balanced fountain pen, pressing its weighty nib against the paper and feeling the ink flow. It soothes instantly. Strangely you want to write more. Even an everyday to-do list becomes something to spend time on so lovely it is to craft letters and form words – and transmit thought. 

Try #DigitalDetox with a Fountain Pen in your hand

  In the digital frenzy that we occupy, writing has no space. So we have to create it. We have to consciously switch off all devices and allow ourselves to inhabit a more natural environment where the tyranny of glowing screens give way to days and nights governed by the sun and the moon. And one of the nicest things to do in this app-less world is to write – with a fountain pen – write, maybe, a letter, experience how lovely it is to express oneself. Check out our range of fountain pens here.