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The Truth about Fountain Pens

October 21, 2017
The Truth about Fountain Pens

Fountain pens have been subject to a bunch of unfair accusations from leaking to being lousy passengers on a plane. If you want to use a fountain pen but are worried about some of the things you’ve heard, we’re here to tell you the truth.

Fountain Pens Leak.

They don’t. Laws of physics and the design of a fountain pen ensure that fountain pens do not leak – unless there’s something wrong with the nib. But if you don’t have a faulty nib and most pens do not, you will not experience any leaking.

Fountain Pens Won’t Fly.

Without going through a boring science lesson, all you need to know is that pressure variation on a flight can cause your fountain pen to leak. What you need to do is keep it upright and this will definitely not happen. Once the plane is cruising it is perfectly safe to use your pen.

You Can Squirt People With Your Fountain Pen.

Well, apart from being a fun idea, it is not true. Fountain pen fill mechanisms are designed to draw up ink, not squirt it out. They are safe to use and safe to be around.

Someone Else’s Writing  Could Damage Your Pen.

It’s a very good excuse to use if you don’t want to lend your pen to anyone but it’s simply not true. It takes hours and hours of writing time for the nib to fashion itself to your writing style. A few lines written by somebody else is not going to alter that.

Left Handed People Are Left Out.

There’s this idea that fountain pens cannot be used by left handed people. Many nibs are designed to be rigid these days and work for both right and left handed people. And many pen companies have specially designed pens for the left handed.

Fountain Pens Slow You Down.

There is definitely a “getting used to” period where you do indeed write slower than usual but once you’re comfortable with your fountain pen there is no difference in writing speed between fountain pens and any other kind of pen.

Your Handwriting Improves.

You are the one doing the writing, not your pen. So, no, your handwriting does not improve. Except, perhaps, a fountain pen does make you more conscious of the writing experience and, therefore, more careful.

One Pen One Ink

Again, not true. You can use any ink with any pen. Of course, some inks flow better than others so you’ll need to try and test a few before settling on the one that works for you.

Fountain Pens Cost Too Much.

There are pens and there are pens. For every budget and every personality. Everyone can enjoy the pleasures of writing with a fountain pen. You don’t have to break the bank.

Fountain Pens Require A Special Writing Skill.

All you need to know is how to write.

We hope we’ve cleared some of the myths that swirl around the world of fountain pens. Fountain pens are wonderfully crafted writing instruments, so don’t deprive yourself any longer. Check out our gallery of gorgeous fountain pens and have fun deciding which one’s for you.