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The Pleasure of A Fountain Pen

October 21, 2017
The Pleasure of A Fountain Pen

The Fountain Pen

They say your relationship with wine begins with the bottle. With fountain pens it begins with the body. Like all things of infinite beauty a fountain pen goes beyond its function. It’s not just a pen. It’s an experience. To begin the process of acquiring one is actually very simple.

It starts with the eye, with seeing and looking. And browsing through a shop full of superbly crafted pens is definitely one of life’s great pleasures. So, the first thing you do is look around. See what kind of design you are naturally drawn to. I like the all blacks, a little hefty in the middle like prosperous business men with a colour so deep and intense they may have flowed out of Peruvian dark chocolate. Some are attracted to the handsome concoctions with dappled, golden swirls so characteristic of a Japanese Sailor pen. Others may swear by the sleek stylings of a Lamy. It really depends on what kind of a person you are because a fountain pen is a personality crafted for a personality. Remember that. There is a fountain pen out there made just for you.

But why a fountain pen?

There are three simple answers. One, they are beautiful. Two, the writing experience is beyond compare. You may not be a writer but a fountain pen makes you wish you were. Three, you don’t need a reason to have something beautiful.

In the next few blogs, we will discover how easy the world of fountain pens really is, how to choose one and then dispel a few myths about them. In fact, we won’t wait to dispel the first and silliest myth right here: no, they do not leak. Now, browse through our gallery of mighty pens here. And make a note of which ones you like.



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