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Unveil The Notebook Collection- let’s start writing again!

May 25, 2018
Unveil The Notebook Collection- let’s start writing again!

In this age of smart people and smarter phones, we can see ourselves being dragged into the virtual world. What seemed technological advancement is now becoming a dependency. So in order to bring back what we have forgotten, William Penn introduces its new brand venture- The Notebook Collection.

From ultimate professional look to very youth-centric look, this collection has got something for everyone. So be it writing your physics notes or enlisting your colleague's crucial points in a board meeting, these notebooks are multi-faceted. While the collection comes with a range of over 100 Notebooks, here is a little insight into each of the 3 classes of this entire collection. 

1. The Professional Collection

This notebook collection is for the corporate population. It has got a mixture of the suave look with a mature conceptualization. There is the Notebook Organizer with an inbuilt power bank and features like 16 GB flash drive. Yes, you read it right, an inbuilt power bank! Besides that, it has also got the cards and currency slots, for easy traveling options.

Then comes the Classic ones by Moleskine displaying bold colors with ivory pages and elastic closure. The third one under this collection is by Rhodia, named as the Webnotebook. These ones have got papers with a very smooth finishing and are totally ink-friendly! 

2. The Art Collection

Just like the name, this collection comes with a range of variety in style and build. There is the Cashier Journal by Moleskine with easy-detachable sheets and acid-free ruled pages, making it very convenient. And then there’s The Paint Box series by Rubberband with an array of bold colored sheets with very smart yet simplified aesthetics. 

3. The Themed Collection

If you think The Notebook Collection is all very serious then this Themed concept just defies that. It has got diversity in the most balanced way. The Vintage Journal presented by William Penn's home brand Pennline is all about comfort and elegance. It comes with premium leather material with refills of notepads along with as many as 12 slots for card and cash. The leather covering gives it a long-lasting effect, that makes it more appealing. Then comes the Star Wars Journal collection by none other Sheaffer.

These Notebooks consist of acid-free paper with Star Wars character inspired cover designs to die for! This can be perfect for the Yoda fans! And last but not the least, there's the Nomad Blend collection with hardcovers and camouflage patterns, perfected to the smallest detail because we know, how specific you are with your choices! There you go, Notebooks have been redefined in the coolest possible way for you that one cannot afford to miss.  So ditch those phones for some time because it's time we relive the joy of writing notebooks. Click here to check out the entire notebook collection and bag your favorite one today! Let's go old school in a millennial way, let's go #Notebooking!