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Scratch Sticker Unique Code for Sheaffer

November 30, 2018
Scratch Sticker Unique Code for Sheaffer
Gray market has always been a threat to the original brands and is a rising concern in the industry. While we try fighting it with different measures, loopholes are always there. However, as an official distributor for some of the most renowned global brands, we make sure the customers are only catered to genuine products. And one such step towards fighting the gray market is the use of ‘Scratch Stickers with Unique Code’ for the brand Sheaffer.
This standard operating procedure covers the use of ‘Scratch Stickers’ to validate the authenticity of Sheaffer products purchased from William Penn stores.

Sheaffer Authenticity Unique Code

So what are the key functional objectives for this Sticker concept?

a) To ensure that our customers are purchasing only genuine products.
b) Give our customers a platform to check themselves if the Sheaffer product that they have purchased in India is genuine.
c) To combat the gray market of the brand's products.

How to use the Scratch Sticker?

This is pretty simple. All you got to do is follow the steps mentioned below:
1. Scratch the sticker available on the packaging box of your Sheaffer product.
2. Note the 10-digit Authentication Code mentioned there.
3. Tap the link mentioned below, and enter your details along with your unique authentication code and submit it.
4. If your product is genuine, the page will reflect 'Authentic'.
5. If the product is not genuine, you will see 'Invalid' reflecting on the page. In that case, please contact us at [email protected] and we will help you while proceeding further.