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November 19, 2018

This has been the guiding principle behind every aspect of Quikrite, be it the pouches, or the perforations, or the refill system. Even the name, Quiknote, was conceived to connote a change of generation. On the one hand, the old, lugubrious notebook and the dowdy impression it wore around its neck, and on the other, this trendy new ‘thing’ that offers oh so much more.

Quiknote- the new-age Notebook

But one of the things that makes Quikrite what it is, is a constant evolution. The old notebook hadn’t changed in centuries. Quikrite wants to ring in the changes - for the better of course - with every production run.


An interesting thing happened a few weeks ago. The Product team was burning the midnight oil, sifting through valuable feedback from the Quikrite community to make the product even better. Someone on the team asked a question: why we held on to ‘note’ as part of the name when the DNA of the product was anything but a notebook. And when the product was something that wanted to make one ‘write’ more than one has ever done.


And hence - Quikrite. A new name. One that stands closer to the ethos of the product. This name’s permanent, but we promise that the product will keep improving based on feedback.