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Quikrite- the smarter version of Notebooks!

August 20, 2018
Quikrite- the smarter version of Notebooks!

Pen, Paper, Phoenix

Much like anything analogue, writing has been written off (pun intended) many times. But reports of its demise have been greatly exaggerated, with writing instruments selling in increasing numbers. And consequently, notebooks too. From quirky, branded diaries that corporates painstakingly design to echo their brand personality, to notebooks that try and bridge the gap between the paper and the screen, like the Moleskine Smart Writing collection, writing aficionados are using paper in droves. And making this transformation happen, like a rising phoenix, is the art of writing itself.

Challenger - 0, Legend - 1

Digital devices have been touted as the replacement for writing. They’re smart, connected, and also multi-task as a communication device. Keyboards have evolved, syncing across multiple systems has become de rigeur, and searching and indexing have become simpler. But not so fast. The ace up the writing’s sleeve, is the pleasure of writing itself. Tapping keys on a smartphone is not even on the same planet as the feel of a nice 18k fountain pen nib on a sheet of quality paper. So, the legend that is writing, remains undefeated.

All’s not well

It’s all fine and dandy to say that writing will soldier on into the future. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved upon. There are still some basic limitations that have made it difficult for writers to not look wistfully at a spanking, well-charged digital device. Above, you can see some of the things that people look for in a good, quality notebook. The fact of the matter is, notebooks - or journals or diaries or notepads - haven’t kept up with the evolution of their brothers in arms, the writing instrument. Today, a leak-proof fountain pen, or a mechanical pencil that is easy to refill, is par for the course, but the paper on they are used, hasn’t really changed much, has it? Notebooks and their ilk suffer from one page looking exactly the same as the other, indexing being a nightmare, expensive covers that aren’t reusable, and a complete lack of utility of any sort. But most importantly, the humble notebook can’t double up as a personal and a professional tool within the same covers, so to speak. And carrying multiple notebooks is so passé.  

A new avatar?

  Quiknote- the new-age Notebook


Who are you? Ask the mirror. Humour your friends. Quiz a loved one. Interrogate your pet. Look for clues in the family photo album. Scroll through your playlist on your phone. Visit your old hangouts. Analyse your handwriting. Study the pout in the selfie you last took. Perhaps there is something in the way your car smells? Browse through the titles in your book collection. Meditate. Look into the night sky. Or just simply, flip through your Quikrite.   Introducing Quikrite. It is a notebook, a journal, a mini wallet, an organizer, and a diary, among other things. It is your everyday companion at the office, at the coffee shop, at home, and when you go on a vacation. It is for the businessperson, the creative, the multitasker, the enthusiast, and for whoever you are and whatever you want to be. Simply put, the best way to understand what a Quikrite is, is to just start using one.  

Why the excitement?

Quikrite solves some fundamental issues that regular notebooks face, right off the bat. Need a separate space for that short story you’ve just begun writing? Each Quikrite hold upto three separate notebooks (or Quikfills), so you can dedicate one to just work and all those notes from meetings, one for all the things that you need to say fix at home like the leaking tap or the creaky cupboard and another to that short story, or even the guest list for your boyfriend’s surprise birthday party. Forgot where you wrote down your friend’s phone number? Page numbers will help you out. Need to give your friend your number? Use one of the thoughtfully perforated sheets to jot it down and tear it off neatly.    

The features that make Quiknote smart

 Each Quikrite also has utility pouches for you to put away your credit card, business cards, loyalty cards, some cash and even a place to keep some stationery. The elegantly designed snap tab keeps the Quikrite closed, and also securely holds a medium-sized pen. The Quikfills aren’t just notebooks. They’re made of fountain pen friendly 80GSM paper. All 72 pages. Colourful, and with different prints, the Quikfills make each Quikrite the perfect writing companion. You can check them out right here ! The handy and portable Quikrite is pretty much #MoreThanJustANotebook in every way. Quikfills are easily available in easy packs of 2, to replenish the Quikrite as you start writing more and more.  

Give me ONE REASON to buy one

We could give you ten, but since you asked, it boosts your productivity in a way you didn’t think possible. Remember the first time you used a calculator or a word processor? That moment when you realized counting up numbers, or even dreaded long-division, were a thing of the past, changed forever? You’ll have that with the Quikrite. You can have one place with multiple sections, for all the multiple thoughts that pass through your mind at different times of the day. Like that riddle, you want to pose to your tennis buddies. Or that absurdly simple solution to the logistical problem at work that’s been troubling you 9 to 5. Or even the holiday plan you’re putting together, to surprise your husband. And what’s more, with each page numbered, it’s easier to quickly (should we say Quikly?) find what you’re looking for.   Productivity is something that we’ve tried to bring in to every aspect of the Quikrite Like the page numbers and the quite wonderfully-coloured pages that allow you to index the all-important note you made. The different page formats (plain, ruled, graphed, dot-grid, coloured) enhance efficiency by giving you different formats for different and very specific uses. Or even the specially-designed box that the Quikrite comes in, which can double up as a holder for all those Quikfills you quickly fill up (see what we did there?) with your thoughts.   So, yes, if there’s one overwhelming reason to buy the Quikrite, it’s the productivity that it offers to every facet f your life.

What are you waiting for?

The Quikrite launches August 22nd, and is available at all William Penn Lifestyle stores, and also online at williampenn.net. Jump into a whole new writing experience. Ditch your old notebook today.