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Quikrite - The Productivity Enhancing Tool

September 13, 2019
Quikrite - The Productivity Enhancing Tool

How many times have you caught yourself thinking - “This idea is going to make me the next millionaire. Jeff Bezos and others, watch out!”


I am guessing a lot if you are someone like me! Most of the “million-dollar” ideas happen at the most unlikely of places - either when we are conversing with someone (the light bulbs in our heads only seems to come to life then) or when we are stuck in traffic.


Since I have quite a few epiphanies, I usually carry a notebook with me wherever I go (and my notebook is full of ideas!) Like most people, I use my notebook not only to jot down my ideas but also, express my thoughts, use it for my doodles, and most importantly - to write down my never-ending ‘To-Do’ list. 


Your productivity often depends on how well you are able to use your time and how efficiently you are organized. But have you thought about how your regular notebook is faring on this count? Is it really helping you improve efficiency?


Say hello to the Quikrite Journal that is designed to enhance your productivity!


But first, what’s a Quikrite?


It is a flexible system that allows multiple refills (up to 4 at any point in time) to be maintained within a journal. Which means…….. Yes, you got it! You can maintain different refills for different subjects.


·         Refills are available in different colors - which means you can distinguish subjects by color.

·         Refills are available in different formats – Plain, Ruled, ‘Scan’, Dot grid, graph, coloured, ‘To Do’, Goal, etc.

·         All pages in the refills have page numbers that allow you to maintain an index and never miss that million-dollar idea.

·         They are slim, 72 pages. It can be used as a notebook on its own or within the journal along with other refills.

·         Refills are made from 80 gsm ink-friendly paper, with a few perforated sheets which allow you to tear and handout or retain important notes.

·         The Quikrite journal comes in a nice box which doubles up as an archive for all your refills.


And the list of advantages goes on, but I will stop there! Here’s a video that describes the Quikrite Journal.



Still not convinced? Don’t take our word for it! We recently conducted a survey among the users of Quikrite, and we had a total of 75 respondents. Here is what they had to say: 

Ø 80% of customers purchased Quikrite for their personal use while 20% of them bought it to gift someone. According to the 20%, they chose Quikrite as the ideal gift because of its utility, features, packaging, and price.




Ø 94% of the users felt that Quikrite has increased their productivity making them more organized. Quoting one of them, he says, “As I advance in years, I have a plan for tomorrow. However, I promptly forget when tomorrow arrives. Quikrite is by my side to remember and makes me productive!”


Ø 37% of the customers felt that the best feature of Quikrite was the different Quikfills (TO-DO, Goal, Scan) that could be used for different purposes. 25% found it convenient to use different Quikfills at the same time and 22% found it stylish &  handy. 


Here is what a few others had to say about their Quikrite:testimonialtestimonial2

So what are you waiting for?

These stats are enough reasons for you to say goodbye to your regular notebook and join thousands of others who now can’t do without their Quikrite. Click here to enhance your productivity.