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Keep Track of your Goals

July 24, 2019
Keep Track of your Goals
If you are overwhelmed with tasks, confused, falling short of deadlines and at the end of the day experiencing a sunken feeling, give this a read. 
  1. STOP!  

Do not read any further if you are an achiever and a go-getter; your life is in cruise control mode and in no need for any further improvement.  Congratulations, you are God’s perfect creation. You qualify to be called an ‘Amazing Joe’!

But what if you were one like myself, overwhelmed with tasks, confused, falling short of deadlines and at the end of the day experiencing a sunken feeling that you accomplished little or nothing?   Welcome to ‘Average Joe’s club, members of which mindlessly drift through life without using one’s unique ability to think, reflect and learn. But if you have dreams of becoming an ‘Amazing Joe’ without having to sacrifice an arm and a leg, would you not be interested?   I bet you are! Surprisingly, what appears like big problems also have simple solutions!   


Spend 15 minutes every morning reflecting upon your previous day, with a sense of discipline and commitment, thinking about what went well and what didn’t?   While doing so, note down what you could have done better. Always keeping in sight the larger goals you wish to accomplish in life. Over time, the compounding effect of these small incremental improvements you decide to make can have a significantly positive impact.  

Charles Darwin once said, “It's not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”. 


The heart of the solution is to keep a record in the form of a notebook!  That’s right, keeping a record of your daily thoughts, planned actions and lessons learned.  A paper-based notebook only because it does not ring and sends you notifications!  

Not any notebook.  A notebook designed to achieve your goal.  One with a roadmap showing you the way. I have been using a notebook called the ‘GOAL’ from the Quikrite series.  This notebook has fields to help record exactly that – my goals and the changes I desire to make. As an add on, it also has a format that allows you to record your fitness regimen and keep track of the food you are eating too! Lastly, what I really like is the slot in which it prompts you to think about all that you are grateful for. The time spent has been so refreshing and beneficial for me that I now can’t do without it.  GOAL - GO Ahead and try it for yourself, you will Love it and you will be well on your way to go from being just an ‘Average Joe’ to being an ‘Amazing Joe’! Like myself!

Goal from Quikrite Series

2. GOAL - keeps you going!

One of the wonderful abilities one can cultivate is to plan, execute and finish projects. Unfortunately, most people are spectacularly bad at this skill. Lack of commitment towards your goals gradually becomes pattern and hard to recognize as you cope with everyday life. You dream to be an “Amazing Joe”, but first you must recognize and accept that at the moment you are an “Average Joe”, and there is work to be done.

So how do you break this pattern of non-commitment towards your goals? Simple! Make a list of tasks. Document your everyday achievements. And, before you know it you will be way closer to your goals than you are today. 

There are several apps that you could download for the same. But they are impersonal. You will probably use it for a day or two or a week or even a month, and then you will just ignore it. Isn’t it? But what really works is a handwritten list of things of to-do and goals to achieve. 

Writing engages more of your senses than a digital tool. And more of your senses engage, your commitment to your goals will find a stronger trigger. It may seem old-fashioned, but it is the best way to go about it. 

One such beautifully designed notebook, rather not a notebook, is “GOAL” from Quikrite. Handy, “user friendly” and very personal. The notebook has a lot of interesting fields which you could use to chart a roadmap, plan professional and personal goals. From tracking your diet to setting priorities, you will find that this book is all you need to make use of your time and potential in the best possible way to achieve your goals. Try it and see the benefits of commencing your day by spending a few minutes with your handy companion called GOAL!

3. GOAL - The key to it lies in planning. 

If you are overburdened with tasks, confused about what to do first, falling short of time,  unable to meet deadlines and at the end of the day experiencing a sunken feeling that you accomplished little or nothing: do not worry, this is something that most of us face every single day.  You aren’t alone in this. Not only is this the life of millennials but also working professionals nearing the end of their careers. And if you harbour big dreams, the chase has to begin today. It cannot be held up till tomorrow. What can be a simple solution to this chronic problem of ‘under achievement’ and procrastination? 

PLAN AHEAD! Planning is the key to every dream that has been, and will be realised. A little planning can truly take you a long way. Dreams and goals that may appear big and daunting now, will not, when the path is planned is with smaller, more doable tasks. Well, most often than not, our busy schedules can leave us forgetful. We might forget to take that small step that will eventually lead us to our goals. Quilfill GOAL does just that. In a non-intrusive way unlike the many digital apps available in the market. Quikfill GOAL is personal.

Quikfill GOAL has fields to help me record exactly what I want – my goals and the changes I desire to make. There is a section for every kind of goal, from healthy and dietary goals to professional and personal goals. The book also prompts you cherish the best part of your day, which not only leaves you happy but inspired to see the next day has in store for you. 

Quikfill GOAL - Keeps you going. Go ahead and try it for yourself, you will love it and you will be well on your way to achieve your goals with ease!

Goal for the Quikrite Series