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Productivity – A guide

August 12, 2019
Productivity – A guide

The life of an executive is hectic; from attending meetings to conducting them, productivity ranks the highest in priorities. In a fast-paced world, every little thing makes a difference - even how you use a notebook!

On a typical day at work, you use a notebook to take meeting notes, to write down your tasks for the day or maybe even use it as a canvas. But while you’re at that, here’s what also happens. A single book ends up becoming a catch-all - from your random doodles, to the household chores, you have to complete or that one million dollar idea. And when the opportunity presents itself, you end up being an agitated page-flipper looking for that one scribble of important information.


Is there a solution to this?

A well-known system called, ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen suggests that one segments all tasks into buckets based on urgency, priority and location.  You can read more about it here

I personally believe segregation of notes is the first step to productivity. In my own case, I used to have multiple sections in my notebook - a section for my everyday tasks, one for long-term tasks, one for meetings and finally one for travel. I used most of these sections simultaneously. Back then, I used a five-subject notebook until the space ran out in one section. I then tried to maintain 4 different notebooks until it became too heavy and cumbersome to carry them all together. There had to be a better way!

Enter Quikrite

 The Quikrite system solved my problem. It’s a journal with multiple slim refills put together. Each refill is a 72-page notebook with page numbers, which is a huge blessing, as it helps me keep track of all my notes with an index. This not only helps me organize my thoughts but also is remarkably helpful when I am trying to retrieve something. I now maintain separate refills for my individual projects and can add up to 4 refills in my Quikrite journal, depending on the need. Ideally, I carry one refill (which works just like a notebook) to an internal meeting. At other times, my refills are kept on my desk in the box provided along with the journal. All the features of the Quikrite lends itself to Bullet Journaling, too. More about this new phenomenon at

The Quikrite system has changed the way I function on a daily basis and has vastly improved my productivity. The Quikrite is more than just a journal with refills. It’s a system that you can customize through the use of different refill formats. Formats available are the dot grid, graph, To-Do, Goal, Scan, perforated and of course the plain and ruled.  A cherry on the icing is that it is handy and easily fits into my handbag.


Don’t just take my word for it, go on and read all about it, and I promise, you’ll love it.