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Personalized gifts for important people in your life

September 27, 2017
Personalized gifts for important people in your life

In our journey through life, we compartmentalize the people we live and work with.  Some mean the world to us – these could be our family or a good friend, some may not mean much personally but are important part of our life.

For example, our teachers, our boss, co-workers, doctor, lawyer, business partner and so on.

Make It Special

At some point, we celebrate something with each of these relationships. Be it a birthday with a child, an anniversary with a loved one, a successful deal with the boss or co-workers, a promotion,  a thanksgiving for a special teacher, or even a celebration for no reason at all! At times like this, we want to make the occasion that extra special and meaningful and the best way to do that is to give a gift that matters.  A gift that conveys it was not randomly picked up but rather thoughtfully considered. A gift that is inscribed with the receiver’s name or a special message perhaps?  Such a personalized gift certainly doubles the joy of the receiver.

At William Penn, we have a wide range of gifts that are carefully picked by hand, gifts that are rare and thoughtful. Be it the superb and unmatched range of smart wallets with security features such as RFID protection in a variety of materials from the best known international brands.

Gift A Writing Instrument

Fine writing instrumentsfrom the best of the best international brands. A writing instrument is a gift that lasts more than a lifetime, and imagine, every time a signature is put or a note written, the receive fondly remembers you. William Penn stocks an exclusive range of pens, all under one roof. What’s more, well trained consultants are available to help you in choosing the perfect pen.  

Gift An Accessory

Then there is the Desktop Accessories from El-Casco of Spain and Dalvey of Scotland. These accessories are found only with William Penn in India. They are made from materials as precious as gold and created to last for generations to come. One could gladly include it as part of the family heirloom. These gifts can be customized either with initials, a name or a message. In addition, William Penn offers lifestyle accessories such as cufflinks, cigarette lighters, business card holders, grooming essentials, travel accessories, tech gadgets, digital notebooks,  journals,   timepieces ,bracelets,  the list goes on and on. William stores are found across the length and breadth of the country or one can sit in the comfort of your home or office and order with a click of a button from the online store. In this festive season of gifting , there is no better way to say you care than a personalized gift.