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Own a Montblanc

December 8, 2017
Own a Montblanc

The image of the white hexagonal star with rounded edges on a pen evokes the feeling of aspiration in most people. Montblanc is probably one of the most well-known and sought after luxury brands in today’s day and age.

Here are a few interesting facts about the brand.

The Meisterstück range is the cornerstone of the brand. The pens in this collection are identifiable through numbers. It is interesting to note that the numbers are used to identify the details of the pen in question. The first digit identifies the tier of the pen i.e. the quality of the pen in question. The second digit denotes the piston fill and the last digit the nib size. This makes it easier for the connoisseur to identify the pen he needs and requires.

Montblanc also has the distinction of releasing limited edition pens periodically. For example, every year Montblanc releases a range of pens commemorating the life of a legendary author with their signature engraved on the cap of the pen.

All this adds to the allure of this brand. The good news is, it is now easy to acquire an original Montblanc in India. The brand retails through William Penn, the destination for premium writing instruments and lifestyle accessories.

So, come visit our nearest store and experience the feel of genuine luxury.