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5 Must-Have Men's Accessories

June 20, 2018
5 Must-Have Men's Accessories

Wikipedia defines accessories as an item to contribute to the wearer's outfit. In other words, they are the embellishments to an otherwise simple or plain look. Accessories are an integral part of fashion. Be it for women or men, a few accessories can make your entire look. And similarly, overdoing them can kill your look. Therefore it is quintessential to know, what I usually call as, to bling or not to bling!  But before we jump on the to-do list for men's accessories online, let's throwback to some of the famous stars of all time who have made style statements with their accessory choices. 

  • White Socks and gloves by MJ- The moonwalker has made legendary style statements. And his white socks and gloves were his thing!
  •  Fur shawl by Marilyn Monroe- From a model to an actress to a singer, this lady had won millions of hearts. And so did her style statements. And her furry shawl is definitely one legendary accessory.
  • Specs by John Lennon- We all know John Lennon's gold-framed granny spectacles and we all know how that became his style statement.
  • Silver bracelet by Salman Khan- Among many famous India movie stars, Salman Khan's bracelet with the turquoise stone is one accessory that is a part of his look. And this has been adopted by thousands of followers of the star.


There you go, see how so many accessories made history? So now what should be the ultimate guide for you guys?! Well, accessorizing a look depends on what clothes you are wearing as well as the occasion. So, to keep it safe, here's a list of 5 accessories that every man should have. 

1. Belts

Ducorium Leather Belt LAPIS BARDOwning a couple of branded belts for men is the very first rule. And the best part, there are amazing belts found in our men's accessories online section.  Choose the colours wisely, generally, brown and black are never out of fashion. You can find either a keeper loop or an end tip blet, choose the one that works for you. Belt strap widths can vary from 1.25 inches to 1.75 inches. The former ones are usually for casual dressing. Tip: Don't wear belts with pants that have no belt loops. Click here to buy belts online. From Lapis Bard to Montblanc belts, we have covered them all. 

2. Wallets

You might think that a wallet doesn't have much importance in styling but you are wrong. Carrying the right wallet is like carrying the right id card to a special occasion! So go for slimmer wallets of good quality. And do not hesitate to invest in a good branded wallet, it ensures the look as well as longevity. If you are tired of the limited designs for men's wallets, our men's accessories online collection has got the best wallet brands for men with a wide diversity in design and look.  And by the way, did you check out our blog on how to choose the right men's wallet online? Here's the link. 

Striped Sunglasses ZIPPO

3. Eyewear

You won't believe how a pair of glasses can affect your entire look. The best thing is, eyewear come in a wide variety. But the crucial part lies in choosing one that fits with your face well. Luckily, we have a collection of both reading glasses as well as sunglasses. Click here to check out the latest pastel coloured reading glasses by Zippo with rich patterned styling. You can also find amazing sunglasses here.  

4. Bracelet

Looking for something to wear in your hands other than a watch? Look no further! Bracelets can be tricky for men, hence go for the subtle and classy ones. Do not flash people with heavy gold bracelets! That's a total NO NO! Still unsure? Click here to explore the finest men's bracelets online from brands like DEVOTIE.  

5. Men's bags

Gone are the days when only women had the liberty to choose bags, these days, fashion in men has evolved and so as their choices of bags. From sexy briefcases to cool backpacks, you can accessorize your look with the suitable bag. Because, not just the ladies, you need a perfect bag to carry all your important stuff too! Oxford 15" RFID Laptop Brief by JEKYLL & HIDE Oxford 15" RFID Laptop Brief by JEKYLL & HIDE[/caption] To help you out here's the link to our latest arrivals in men's bags. And the 'leather' forecasting says you are about to find the most stylish bags ever. We have brands like JEKYLL & HYDE, QUICK BROWN FOX, ELAN, Lapis Bard and many more.   Voila! These are the accessories that every man must totally invest in. They won't just charm up your look, they will add to your style statement too. So it's a wrap for this one, see you with another stylish blog again. Don't forget to add your comments below.