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Limited Edition pens at William Penn

June 27, 2019
Limited Edition pens at William Penn

Limited Edition pens are remarkable. They dictate your style and redefine your persona.

What strongly correlates to individuality is style. Much contrary to fashion, style is the expression of one’s inner self through outer appearance. Fashion is dominated by latest trends while style remains the way you make use of trendy elements in order to express yourself.  

In our quest for uniqueness, one strives to find the right choice. Some choose vintage, while some hanker after what is really ‘in’ and a few prefer to get the best of both worlds. But mostly it is our uniqueness that makes us stand apart from the crowd.

Generally, a limited edition collection means that the items in the collection belong to part of a series that has been made to reflect a certain moment or a certain place of event. Limited Edition pens reminisce of something that was.

Also, bring out the point that limited editions are like unique collectibles that only a few can own and flaunt. It is not for everyone, but just a select few who understand and appreciate such beautiful pieces.

William Penn understands you like no other. It caters you with a plethora of limited edition pens, rare, premium in taste and sings the song of your unique style.

These pens are a great way to put your story out there for the world to see.

Following are a few of the limited edition pens that you can flaunt:

WP07920 - A fountain pen that features images from Sheaffer’s history in sterling silver. The centennial limited edition tells the story of the first Sheaffer factory in Fort Madison, with images of the founding family, Walter and Craig Sheaffer. There are only 516 of these silver pens made, the significance of the number 516 being the official date of incorporation.

Sheaffer Centennial 9213 Sterling Silver Limited Edition Fountain Pen

WP23610- Commemorating one of the most revered figures in modern history, the Special Edition John F. Kennedy by Montblanc makes symbolic references to the life of J.F. Kennedy in subtle design details. The burgundy–colored precious resin refers to Kennedy's famous Ivy League style and is inspired by his time at Harvard University.

John F. Kennedy Special Edition Burgundy Rollerball

WP20926- Dedicated to the Hindu God, the father of Ganesh, Shiva, this Caran D’ Ache Shiva Limited Edition Fountain Pen is meticulously hand-crafted with the divine figure. Made by hand in solid silver with a distinctive sombre finish, the Shiva pen evokes all the mystery of symbolism. The pen pays an exceptional tribute to the rituals and spirituality of India.

Shiva Limited Edition Fountain Pen

WP12794- Blending both the creativity and spirituality of Indian design with the precision, detail and quality of German engineering NOBLIA has set out with a mission to create products that are as profound as they are luxurious. Balaji, also known as Srinivasa, Venkateswara, Venkata, and Venkatacalapati, is an Avatar of the formless supreme god Vishnu.

Balaji Limited Edition Fountain Pen

WP17329- Handcrafted and decorated in traditional Kaga Maki-e by Mr. Kosen Oshita, these products are made in natural Ebonite and fitted with a 21K solid gold nib.

KOP Ebonite Maki-E Fountain Pen Shi-Rei "Hou-Ou" Phoenix 21K M

21K Gold nib, Shi-Rei series: The Celestial Guardians of the Universe, "Hou-ou" - Guardian of Virtue and Grace

21K Gold bi-color nib with Gold/Rhodium plating, Screw cap, Black with Kaga Taka Mak-e, 20 x 153.5 mm, 36.8 g, Converter/Cartridge type