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It's Time You Meet RFID

August 30, 2018
It's Time You Meet RFID

There’s a possibility that your credit card details are being skimmed as you read this. Yes, as you are reading these very words. How? Meet RFID.


RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is quite simple really. There’s usually a tag that sits on your card, and even on your passport. It was put there to make life easier, and it mostly does. Faster checkouts, more rapid immigration queues, and even automated toll booths are benefits of this tech. But what can be read by the service provider, can also be read by people with a criminal bent of mind. After all, the radio signal doesn’t know the intent of the people employing it.

RFID Safe wallets from Pennline

In order to combat RFID skimming, international brands have come together to create products that hold your precious data beyond the reach of the radio waves that power RFID. This is done by creating electromagnetic opacity for compartments within the product, or for the entire product. At William Penn, we take your security very seriously, and we’re all stocked up on a secure range of RFID-safe products. Oh, and they’re stylish, too.

The James Bond of leather bags is one of them. Crafted in England (and South Africa… shhh!), stylish to a fault, and an excellent travel companion, the Jekyll & Hide range of premium leather bags are deputed by Her Majesty’s Secret Service to keep every detail within, safe. Be it secret Naval documents, or your well-thumbed passport. Before you go all 007, remember to stop by a William Penn store and pick one of these up. Oh, and they make wallets too.


Another brand that takes RFID-safe very seriously, is Secrid. Marrying the best of Dutch industrial design with very Euro styling, the young team of designers at Secrid has re-thought the wallet. With liberal use of leather to jacket an all-aluminum heart, Secrid’s wallets feel warm and welcoming to the touch. Except, if you are a Radio wave sent by a bad person.


Jekyll & Hide bags with RFID safe sections

Lapis Bard, with its latest collection, has also been quick to cover your precious details, with a swathe of two-toned leather that is sure to catch the attention of the right kind. Named for the safest and most stylish towns in England, the Ducorium collection is designed to be the darling of the urban commuter, and a skimmer’s worst enemy. Come, see this wonderful range, now available with us.


And last but not least, Pennline has brought uber-value wallets with a slim design to the market. Designed to take on the tough Indian conditions, each Pennline wallet holds a lot within a small footprint, and all of it safely.


To keep everything vulnerable to RFID-skimming safe, tap the link and explore our collection.