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It's a pen. It's a stamp. It's Both!

September 25, 2018
It's a pen. It's a stamp. It's Both!

With ideas and innovation flourishing every day, our generation is blessed with technologies that make our lives so much simpler and smarter. And in that very context, we introduce to you our new arrivals from the brand HERI. Besides having all the essential features of a good quality ballpoint pen, these pens come with a smart feature of integrated stamps. Yes, you read it right! The HERI pens have the unique characteristic of housing a stamp pad.


These Twist Ballpoint Pens come with metal and plastic casing along with chromed fittings and they write beautifully as any other good branded pen with the bonus factor of the ingenious pre-inked stamp on its other end.


Imagine how convenient it would be not to carry that extra stamp pad and the stamp every time you want to sign a document. Also, the best part is, you would be able to customize the stamp according to your business requirements. As most of the legal and corporate works require stamps along with signatures, carrying the HERI stamp pen would make things so much easier!

Want to know how the stamps work?

Check out know more about how the Heri stamp pens work.

Steps to get your own customized Heri pen stampHERI pen stamp sample

  • Click the link and select from our wide collection of HERI pens.
  • Choose the suitable option for font size and the number of characters from the chart as shown in the image.
  • Place your order with us and send your Name, Designation & Company's name to [email protected] and get your personalized ready-to-stamp Heri Pen delivered right to your doorstep.

Highlighted Features of the HERI pens

To know these innovative pens better, here are a few chief characteristics of these pens that you should totally know about.

1. Lightweight: Just because the pens come with a stamp, doesn't mean they are heavy. These pens are quite lightweight and easy to carry.

2. Longlasting: The stamps are pre-inked and last up to 2000 impressions per stamp! Now you don't have to do the tedious job of inking the stamp everytime you want to use it.

3. Laser-Engraved Stamps: These pre-inked stamps in Heri pens are laser-engraved rubber stamps, giving it the much-required precision in letters on the stamp. So no issues with the clarity of the stamp!

4. Durable: The stamps come with sound construction, making them have a better and longer service life


But before you go all awestruck with these amazing pens, let us tell you a few interesting things about the HERI brand.

  • The brand HERI was founded by Herbert Rigoni in the year of 1961. He was a supplier of high- class and fine mechanical precision parts for important regional companies and the traditional Black Forest clock industry.
  • While working for that industry Herbert was also related to developing innovative product ideas.
  • It was in the year of 1963, that Herbert Rigoni launched the first stamping pen. It is said that it was due to the sudden crisis in the clock industry that led Herbert to expedite the development of the first writing instruments with integrated stamps.
  • After the launch, more than 50 national and international patents followed the first utility model application, in the following decades. In the year of 1999, Herbert achieved a milestone by coming up with the manufacturing of plastics with own injection molding machines.
  • With this, HERI writing instruments were established with an integrated stamp made of plastics under the brand name RIGONI.


Now that you know quite a lot about the HERI stamp-pens, don't delay getting yourself one. Also, don't forget to share images of your HERI pens with us in the comments below.