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How to craft a handwritten letter that can melt your loved one's heart

January 31, 2018
How to craft a handwritten letter that can melt your loved one's heart

How to craft a handwritten letter that can melt your loved one's heart

It's not every day that we sit down to write a letter to our loved one. But when we do, the blank piece of paper in front of us could be very intimidating. We often have questions like, 'Where do I start? What do I write? How do I express my feelings using the right words?' Sounds familiar? It maybe worthwhile to know that you're not alone. Even world famous writers and poets have struggled with the same questions. Here are a few suggestions to help you craft that perfect letter that can make your special someone feel loved.

Let the words come to you naturally

Sit down in a quiet place and think of all the things you want to say. Don't worry about the right words or even grammar for that matter. If it's from your heart, chances are you won't have to a change a letter. The letter becomes much more intimate and personal when you put down your feelings exactly the way it is. The best thing you could do is be yourself.

Take your time to recall the memories

One of the best ways to start a letter is by reminiscing the memories you've shared with this person. It might be about your first date. It might be a late night conversation over the phone. Or even just a long walk in the park. Talk about the experience and how it made you feel. Don't worry if it sounds a little cheesy. If it made you feel special, it's worth penning down on paper.

Stop worrying about making it sound like a love letter

It's not a resume. You're not applying for a job. So, go easy on yourself. Write it the way you want to. Doodle if you feel like it. To hell with grammar and the Oxford comma. Let your feelings just pour out. Remember, people keep old love letters for how it made them feel; not because the grammar was good.

Remember it's a letter for them, not for you

We all have an idea on what kind of letters we would like to receive from our loved ones, but when it's your turn to write a letter, try to make it about what they'd like to hear from you.

Don't be afraid to open up

Letters are perfect to express sentiments that we often hesitate to say in person. So don't shy away from letting your heart out. Let your emotions take over. Make it sweet, sentimental or even kinky if that's your style. It'll add character to your letter and make it very personal.

Reaffirm your love

You probably say those 3 words a hundred times every day (or not), but saying it on paper makes it heart-warming and magical. No one has ever complained about being loved too much, so don't worry about sounding like an over-the-top romantic. After all they are called 'love letters' for a reason.

Probably the best thing about writing a love letter is that there are no rules or templates to follow. So, while some of above suggestions may make complete sense to you, others may not be as relevant. Read through and see what resonates with you. Keep your pen and paper handy and let your emotions guide you. The words will follow.