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How to be lazy and be more productive at the same time

July 29, 2019
How to be lazy and be more productive at the same time

It is no conjecture that laziness chips away at your productivity. But with increasing hectic weekdays that bury us neck deep in work, we are bound to slack at times. Slacking often transforms into prolonged idleness which can be referred to as laziness. We live in a hard time where the world is bent on criminalizing laziness: starting from our parents at home, our professors in college to our bosses at the workplace; the common ethos being “laziness is your doom”. Hold that thought, let’s cross the road and view the ‘science of laziness’ under a different light today. Can laziness bring about more productivity? Let’s have a look.

Procrastinate and you will create - Once you have a big assignment coming up, you do feel a tinge of intimidation every time you are reminded of it. Even when you are not actively working at it, the subconscious mind is constantly processing various propositions that will help you prepare for the impending task. It enables you to think over divergent ideas, make unexpected leaps and think in ways that are non-linear. And, when you finally sit to work, you will be overwhelmed at the number of ideas that were lurking in your mind. Well, now you are better equipped to storm through your assignment and succeed at it when all you have been doing is procrastinating. So procrastinating definitely rewards your mind with a canvas like space for you to create. 

Laziness aids in prioritization - Not every task at hand is an important one, right? We tend to realize this once we are in the middle of it. While you are idling away your time, you are often mindlessly cribbing about the impending tasks at hand. In this laborious process of cribbing, you will assess the value of a certain job. You will see that it can easily be postponed for a later time when you are in a better frame of mind to do it. Why squeeze in all your tasks in one day when you are in a mood to laze around? Laziness always helps you to shed light on what is the need of the hour. 

Laziness triggers hyper-productivity - Laziness and hyper-productivity never go hand-in-hand. As you continue to be a couch potato and watch the minute hand go tick-tock, you are often hit by an acute need to get up and accomplish something. That is when the adrenaline kicks in and you are on your toes, striking off all the to-dos from your list. You have been so dismayed at your own non-productivity that now you cannot stop yourself from getting your work done. But this is a vicious cycle. Soon this hyper-productivity will wear you out and you will be back on the couch awaiting the disappointment to descend on you, followed by the ‘hyper-productivity’ hormone to kick in, again. So be lazy and just wait for the trigger that will make you leap out of the couch.

Tips for Improvising the Productivity

Laze out and happiness will find you - Your mind and body need their deserved share of rest. If you do not reward them with their due, they are bound to frown upon you. I’m sure you don’t want to be at loggerheads with the Head Office of your system. Once it decides to stop working, you’ll be succumbing chronically to your deadlines. Use a diverse notebook like Quikrite to deal with the work load. When you are overburdened, you can go to the dotted pages and doodle. You can also make a scrapbook out of it using the
coloured pages. A Quikrite has multiple functions that can help you break the monotony of work.
Balance it out. If you are being lazy now, you will know when to be productive. A rested body and mind make a happy person. 

Lazy minds are the brightest - As you lay idle worrying about the fast-approaching deadlines, you are bound to invent quick ways to get the work done in time. You will be amazed at the sudden jog of your mind. Once you are armed with the craft of knowing how to finish off things at the eleventh hour, half the battle is won. This way you get to be lazy and productive at the same time. And, if you are lucky enough, Bill Gates will hire you, as he believes, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”