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High quality leather belts for Men

September 25, 2017
High quality leather belts for MenÂ

A belt is about holding your pants up. However wearing the right type of belt is also important. The fashion police suggest different belts for different occasions. So where do we start?

Ideally for formal wear a thin belt is preferable while a thicker belt would work well on denims or cargos.

Secondly the belt and shoes should match. This a definite requirement. A black belt for black shoes and a brown belt for brown shoes. This rule may be bent slightly if you really do not want to have those multiple belts. A black belt would suffice considering black is more of a neutral color. Lastly the material of the shoes and belt should match. For example is your shoes are canvas, the belt too should preferable be of canvas. The size of the belt you wear should not be more than two inches more than your waist size. You do not want have a long belt tail to deal with. Also it is best to retire the belt before it frays or the buckle starts to look bad. Again this depends on the type of belt purchased. A stitched belt would last longer than a glued belt. Similarly a stainless steel buckle looks classy and lasts for long. All in all, make the belt you buy serve you well