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Fountain Pens - Because They're There.

October 21, 2017
Fountain Pens - Because They're There.

The most famous three words in mountaineering spoken to a New York Times reporter by George Mallory who scaled Everest in 1923 can be applied to almost anything that tries to justify our engagement with a sensibility.

George Mallory was trying to frame words around that most indescribable of emotions – passion. But the finer things in life do not need a defense. A fountain pen, not as complex as a car or a watch or even a wine, is definitely a citizen of the land of finer things,though certainly more easily accessed. In this hurried, increasingly impersonal world of abbreviated text messages and chewed up ball point pens, a fountain pen – just the sight of one - takes us back to the age of elegance. Actually making one a part of your day to day existence is another thing altogether.

Defenders of fountain pens will point out that they are eco friendly, they improve your handwriting (see our last blog on fountain pen myths), they will bring about world peace - but the simple truth is – they are beautiful. A finely engineered nib pressing into creamy paper releasing a flow of dense, silken ink does indeed alter your writing experience. Engaging with a superbly crafted instrument, intelligently designed, is a joy all by itself. There is a reason so many fountain pens of varying designs are produced every year. There is a reason some fountain pen names have become mighty icons. They are works of art, mediums of considered thought and a refined way of living. Only geeks do it? Try telling that to James Bond.

Somebody recently said nobody ever saved a text message for twenty years. Consider that. Put down your smart phone and pick up a note pad instead – something with gorgeous paper and experience the transformation in you and your day. Do it – because the good life is there.