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5 Smart Fashion Tips For Fathers

May 31, 2018
5 Smart Fashion Tips For Fathers

Fatherhood can be a pretty serious business, however, it never brings a rule to wear boring clothes. And besides becoming a cool Dad, it will add a sense of joy to your kids too. So this Father's Day, we thought of bringing a few handy fashion tips for fathers to rework on their wardrobe. Because it's time, you flaunt your cool Dad look.

1. Bring on solid colors

No matter how much you love those prints and patterned shirts, you should now indulge in the solid and neutral colours. They look classy and certainly stylish. You can select from a range of colours- white, grey, olive green, blue, and, of course, the very own black. Team them with a pair of suitable coloured trousers and you are all set. You can also go for darker shades of blazers and suits.   

2. Make room for pleated pantsFlaunt the solid colours in style

Being a Dad or not, no man's wardrobe should be without pleated pants. It gives a suave look that goes great for lunches, get-togethers or just hanging with colleagues. While these pants were a little out from the fashion game, since earlier this year, they are back and how! These pleated pants are essentially great for large sized men and certainly comfortable for fathers. So be it taking your kids to a game or just going out to chill with friends, pleated pants can be your comfort zone!

3. The sportsman look

While sports sneakers or in general sportswear are quite making trends now, Dads should be a little cautious when committing to something like this. You could be all excited about your hoodies and baseball caps but let us tell you, they might not go with your Father status. Always remember, you want to pull off a cool Dad's look in a classy way. So the safest way fashion tip for fathers to sport the sportsman look is to go for plain trainers and keep the look minimalistic.

4. Invest in good brands

Now that you are a proud Dad, we are hopeful that you are at a better financial status now than in your 20s. Hence, this is the right time to give in to your shopping spirit. While being busy at work or just supporting the family, you might not have had much time to invest in your looks. Most probably you wear things that are suggested by your wife. But this Father's Day promise yourself to surprise your family with your new sense of styling. Go for good branded clothes that will add to your look and only enhance it. However, don't forget to keep it simple and not become a mannequin with brands flashing. Keep it simple yet chic. To help you better, we have a whole new collection for Father's Day. Click the link and explore the entire collection! 

5. Be a low key in accessories 

Good leather bags are the way to goTo bling or not to bling! Well, this is easy and simple, wear as much fewer accessories as you can. While we know men can have a thing for jewelry too. But that nowhere means you can sport that gold chain look. It's a big NO! The safe bet here will be to invest in a couple of great watches and maybe just the wedding ring. You can also invest in good leather bags and belts for that matter. But then, like always, choose the colours wisely and not be flashy at all! We have a range of leather bags that don’t just look good but come with a long-lasting materiality, remember, shopping is like an investment, so do it right! Check out the bags here So there you go, you have the five handy fashion for fathers. Keep them in mind and rock fatherhood. And don’t forget to let us know your tips in the comments below. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!