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Faber-Castell’s new Fine Writing series by William Penn

June 1, 2018
Faber-Castell’s new Fine Writing series by William Penn

  One who is a keen observer of fine writing would understand the value of perfection in writing instruments. And since William Penn is best known for bringing the classiest ones to India, here's another collection of premium pens and pencils from the brand of Faber-Castell. With decades of experience in manufacturing some of the finest Fountain pens, Ballpoint pens, pencils and refills, Faber-Castell's yet another collection has a series of all that leads to perfection. We have a series reflecting sheer professionalism and another one depicting the metallic aura of elegance. From comfort to style, these pens and pencils are the new faces of writing instruments in the best possible way. Here's a list of the 5 collections that we are bringing home. 

1. Ambition

The new Ambition series by Faber Castell The new Ambition series by Faber-Castell[/caption] Faber- Castell brings this series of pens and pencils with a twist of fresh vibrant colours. The materiality of this range is specifically designed to display an array of fine professional functionalism. You will be able to find this range in resin, coconut wood, paper wood as well as stainless steel. Besides the ever classy black look, Ambition also consists of pens with optical art designs. It has water lily, flamingo art, white sand and many more! 

2. Neo Slim

This is the first slim series from the brand. The USP of these pens is the minimalistic look. If pens and pencils could be given names, we are sure that this Neo Slim range would be called poetry. The range depicts a sense of contemporariness with aesthetics. This comes in a broad spectrum of nine distinctive series of ball pen, ink roller and fountain pen. Another chief characteristic of Neo Slim is that its pens come with the 'document proof' gel ink that gives smoother gliding along with a brighter and bolder finishing. The ball pens under this category come with the 'stylus function'.These pens have both shiny and matte versions, giving a range of looks to choose from. From the point of view of functions, The Neo Slim series has been made with a comfortable gripping surface that only enhances the confidence while writing.

3. Ondoro

This comes with a strikingly different look that immediately separates it from the others. The look for this series is kept inventive with a sense of a methodology that is not just appealing to the eye but very congenial while writing. Faber Castell comes with the new Ondoro Pens Faber-Castell comes with the new Ondoro Pens[/caption] If you look deeper into the detailing of its material, you will be delighted to see how chrome-plated metal parts are intricately spiraled into its framing. The specialty of Ondoro would be the sense of personalism given to each of its variety. It is as if the makers wanted to be distinctively different and yet uniform in the creativity of these pens. As already mentioned, equal importance was given to the styling and the working of these pens. Hence, the Ondoro would be perfect for someone who likes style and comfort, all together.

4. Loom

The next in the Faber-Castell series is The Loom collection. This one has got a very unique look that portrays the muted shades. The series has been given a gunmetal look that takes practicality and modernity parallelly. The series comes with pens and pencils that are crafted with fine rings and a subtly curved form. The black and white coatings are tweaked with high-gloss chrome plated metal parts that leave an everlasting impression. The barrels are engineered with amazing colours to give a versatility to the entire look, from the Loom piano lime look to the Loom piano plum look, this series has got all!

5. e-motion

With this series, Faber-Castell comes with an experimental look with aesthetic craftsmanship to the look and designing of the series. This collection has got both matte and high-gloss metal look with a twist of cigar-shaped appearance. The look is enhanced with warm wood tones. The functions and comfort of this e-motion range are also equally appealing. These pens and pencils sit very comfortably in the hand, making them perfect for continuous writing. One of the apparent features of this collection is the crocodile pattern, parquet and rhombus texture exhibited by the series. Overall, the e-motion series comes with a valiant look that sets it apart.   Faber-Castell is well known in reflecting class and creativity when it comes to their products and that is so very obvious with all the above designs. So in order to keep our promise to bring you the World's best writing instruments, we are here with this new Faber-Castell series. You can follow the link to explore the entire collection today! Also, don't forget to check out the latest offers in pens and men's accessories here