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Discovering forever writing with Pininfarina!

July 10, 2018
Discovering forever writing with Pininfarina!

The world is moving faster and getting smarter so why not take the advantage of technology and come up with something totally different? That must have been the thought behind creating a series of pens like never before by the brand Pininfarina.  

If you google Pininfarina, you will see it's an Italian car design brand from Cambiano, Italy. Pininfarina has been employed in designing some of the world-class cars. Its list of customers varies from Ferrari, Fiat, Maserati etc. So, what happens when innovation meets experience? Well, it brings out something that is beyond the ordinary. And that's what happened here. Pininfarina came up with a series of writing tools that simply defies convenience. And that's what we chose as our Pen of the month Pininfarina Cambiano. The design shows precision in the artistry of a pen that is so not common.  

The advanced technology reflected in the look of the pen shows the unison of materials to give the pen a unique personality. The pen comes in both blue ink and red ink. Check out the Pen of the month here

   Napkin Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Ink Stelo Blue

 However, we would also like to bring to your notice the pencil/writing instrument under the Cambiano collection. This writing tool is a hybrid of age-old creativity and advanced technology. The writing tool that comes under the Cambiano collection is like an enigma that cannot be classified as a pen or a pencil.  

Pininfarina Napkin Forever Cambiano Pale Gold

The most interesting part of this writing tool is the special alloy tip Ethergraf, protected by Napkin®. The conceptualization of this amazing writing tool has been inspired by the legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci who used to sketch his art with a special silver tip stylus. This tip stylus is believed to play a big part in the artist's works of excellence. Many studies have shown that most of his work was created using this technically advanced silver tip.



This silverpoint technique went on to be the inspiration of the development of Ethergraf. The principle behind Ethergraf and Silverpoint is quite similar and the science behind this is based on the oxidation that occurs because of the friction between the metal tip and the paper. This very reaction is why we call these writing tools as timeless. The Ethergraf tip can go on writing forever without the need of any refill, ink or lead.

Some of the delightful features of the Ethergraf are

  1. After being processed, the metal alloy shows a specific hardness, strength and flexibility characteristics.
  2. Ethergraf shows non-corrosive properties too.
  3. It leaves no mark when it comes in contact with clothes.
  4. The alloy shows an extremely low thermal conductivity value.

  This Ethergraf is then molded and crafted by the excellent precision of expert jewelers to form the tips that are used in the Pininfarina Cambiano writing tools. There goes a meticulous casting process to manufacture these Ethergraf tips. The result is an invincible writing tip that reflects a world-class design and technique.  

These writing tools are incepted with the concept of being timeless in this world of temporary amusements. Therefore, this time we are not bringing you just a writing instrument, we are bringing you a technology that very distinguishably defines the ladder between imagination and craftsmanship.

So, are you ready to experience the stillness of time while writing your words?