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Deskmo - The Desktop Wireless Charger from Pennline

October 1, 2019
Deskmo - The Desktop Wireless Charger from Pennline

Of mice and mousepads.

Computers come with a little something that scurries all over your desk.

Laptops don’t need one but ask anyone and they’d say you are better off with one.
And as far as devices go, our guess is it’s the only one named after a four-legged restless rodent.

It’s the humble mouse.

Over the years, most mice have lost their tails, their surroundings have tidied up.

And while cushy mousepads used to be their natural habitat, these days the only
ones that exist are designed solely for impassioned gamers.

But what about us 9-to-whenever-work-gets-done types
and our little cursor-controlling friend?

What if there was something that was home to not just the mouse,
but also technology that gave your other trusty partner,
your smartphone, a place to recharge?


Say hello to Deskmo.


A premium wireless charging desktop mousepad from Pennline that’s designed to give you the freedom of power.

Power-packed to perfection.

Deskmo comes with top of the line features to put you in charge. Here are a few.

  • Up to 10W fast and dynamic wireless charging that works in portrait and landscape mode. 


  • Integrated dual-coil receiver for superior sensitivity and coverage.


  • Premium 1-meter braided micro USB cable that’s built to last.



  • 1 cm super slim profile with fold-flat magnetic stand for easy carry.



  • Ideal for taking video calls while charging your phone.


  • Available in Blue and Coffee Brown.


Bring more to the table and shift the balance of power with Deskmo.


Check out the unboxing video here.


Don’t forget to order yours now.